Peakto Gathers Photos, Employs Centralized AI Search on Mac OS

Peakto 1.0 is the first software for the Mac that provides photographers with a complete view of all their photos, as well as a centralized and automated search using AI.

Peakto is able to synchronize with all major photo cataloging and editing software, with files stored in the cloud as well as on hard drives (as you can see on the left hand side panel).

Peakto introduces two totally innovative concepts

Panorama View presents new perspectives on photo catalogs by automatically displaying pictures based on content, style and color. With this powerful AI trained in image recognition, photographers no longer need to annotate or classify their photos. Peakto does it for them and expeditiously reveals the treasures hidden in their digital files.

Peakto Panorama View

Instants is another new concept introduced by Peakto. Instants automatically gather all the variations of a photo and its original file, whatever the editing software used. Instants allow photographers to find their originals and to trace the history of their modifications.

Peakto Instants

Peakto offers a centralized search that provides advanced filter capabilities: Camera model, Camera lens, EXIF, IPTC, Faces, Flags, Color labels, Ratings, GPS location, Editing software, Master file.

Peakto EXIF Filter
Peakto GPS Filter

Peakto mirrors of all the original organizational structure (collections, folders, faces, annotations) in order to make everything look familiar and right in its place. An integrated browser allows the user to easily access all Peakto compatible sources.

Peakto Mirror Organization

Always up to date: with Peakto, users can see the latest versions of each image. Every change in a catalog is tracked: addition, modification or annotation of new photos, even changes in libraries structure. Peakto can easily launch any editing software or even edit a specific image in its original catalog in just one click.

Peakto is not an additional photo editing app. Peakto is like the hub that centralizes all the images. All this without creating new copies of photos–just previews–and without changing the photographer’s organization. So, in spite of all it does, Peakto doesn’t contribute to file overload!

If Photographers still have some legacy catalogs (Aperture, iViewMedia,…), Peakto does not leave them on the side of the road. Quite on the contrary. Peakto lets them view, navigate, search through all the photo material stored in Aperture and iViewMedia. Peakto sees all the metadata that were attached to those images.

“In 2022 like never before, managing your photos is a real challenge,” explains Claudia Zimmer, CEO of CYME. “Peakto’s ambition is to offer the most elegant solution to navigate through the entirety of our photo catalogs without creating new copies and with a high level of metadata accuracy. This allows Peakto’s AI to classify and draw unique views from our images.”

Peakto is a software for macOS available now by subscription or pay-per-use.

It is possible to test Peakto for 7 days with a monthly subscription ($9.99/month), 15 days with a yearly subscription ($99/year) or 30 days with a one-time purchase ($189).


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