Lighthouse interface on a laptop and the Smart Management Fabric logo

Opengear Enhances Remote Access with Smart Management Fabric (SMF) and Dynamic Routing-based IP Access

Provider of Smart Out of Band management adds Smart Management Fabric to its Lighthouse Automation Edition (AE) software solution.

Opengear, a Digi International Inc. company (NASDAQ, DGII, and provider of secure and Smart Out of Band management solutions, today launched Smart Management Fabric, extending the value and functionality of Opengear’s Network Resilience platform with dynamic routing-based IP access.

Lighthouse Automation Edition (AE) and Opengear’s appliance software have been upgraded to include dynamic routing, allowing for a complete management network overlay. These updates enable users or machines, through automation or configuration tools, to connect to the resources they need to access or manage. They support a range of commonly used technologies such as the secure shell (SSH), hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), graphic user interface (GUI), service processors (SPs), baseboard management controller (BMC), remote desktop protocol (RDP), network automation tools, and server management software for virtualized environments.

The new SMF is the outcome of countless hours of interaction and engagement with customers, alliances and collaborators. These exchanges have enabled Opengear to gain insight into how the latest market dynamics and technological advancements impact IT network and infrastructure management. These insights will drive the company’s strategic direction for the next several years, starting with Smart Management Fabric.

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SMF forms a unified management framework and makes Opengear’s network resilience platform valuable for the whole IT organization, from network engineers and system admins to support staff who need access to IP-based resources. These teams can now quickly provision and access their server-management tools as well as manage any IP-based physical or virtual resources. Additionally, network engineers can use their favorite automation tools to provision, monitor, and manage their IP endpoints at scale.

“At Opengear, we are committed to providing world-class solutions for secure and resilient access to connect, configure, or restore connected IT resources,” said Opengear President Gary Marks. “Opengear has once again redefined out of band management with SMF and routed IP-access. SMF allows customers to leverage the Opengear solution to deliver the best possible day 0/1 experience, becoming the basis to deploy, manage, and remediate connected network resources from anywhere.”

For more information, please reach out to Opengear’s sales team for a live demo and visit:

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