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Nova A.I. Launches Groundbreaking New Features, Partnering with Getty and Introducing AI Innovations

Nova A.I., the premier web-based video editing platform, is excited to announce a host of innovative new features set to elevate the creative process for video editors worldwide. These updates, including a strategic partnership with Getty Images, advanced dubbing technology, customizable audio transitions, and AI-powered highlights, will significantly enhance the user experience.

Exclusive Partnership with Getty Images

In an industry-first collaboration, Nova A.I. has partnered with Getty Images to provide users with access to Getty’s extensive archive of video, images, and music. Subscribers can now utilize these high-quality assets with a commercial license, streamlining the creative process and enriching their projects with world-class media.

Revolutionary Dubbing Feature with Voice Cloning

Next week, Nova A.I. will launch an innovative dubbing feature powered by ElevenLabs’ cutting-edge voice cloning technology. This feature allows users to create realistic voiceovers in multiple languages, enabling seamless global reach and audience engagement. The voice cloning capability ensures that dubbed content maintains the original tone and emotion, providing a natural viewing experience.

Customizable Audio Transitions

Nova A.I. introduces customizable audio transitions, offering users precise control over the duration and style of each transition. This feature enhances the auditory experience of videos, ensuring smooth and professional sound changes that complement the visual flow.

AI-Powered Highlights and Keywords

Nova A.I. is also rolling out an AI-powered highlights feature. This advanced tool automatically generates video shorts and identifies key moments and keywords, streamlining the creation of engaging shareable content. Users can effortlessly export these highlights, making it easier than ever to produce compelling video summaries and promotional material.

CEO Statement

“We are thrilled to bring these groundbreaking features to our community,” said Michael Moss, CEO of Nova A.I. “Our partnership with Getty Images, along with the introduction of voice cloning, customizable audio transitions, and AI-generated highlights, underscores our commitment to innovation and user empowerment. We believe these advancements will transform the way our users create and share video content.”

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