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Viewing and logging has long been a necessary part of the video editing process. Linnea Kristensen and Michael Moss of We Are Nova A.I. often received requests from production companies asking for help to shorten the time wasted in this lengthy process. When a creator has been shooting for many hours with multiple different cameras, then finding what they need and exporting it into professional video editing tools, like Avid, Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro, there is a need to simplify the process of knowing what lines have been spoken where, and what people appear at specific time stamps.

So, beginning in 2016, Linnea and Michael developed a way to alleviate the challenge that editors face spending extensive amounts of time finding clips digital material. The mission of the NOVA A.I. platform is to simply give people back their valuable time, and create wonderful content instead.

We Are Nova A.I. ‘s NOVA A.I. smart technology software offers editors the ability to zoom through digital footage and movies to find specific sound bytes or visual items in seconds. Users can search for anything, including people, emotions, objects, activities, words and even shot types on this amazing platform. This turns all of your footage, original content, and video material into 100% searchable content, so that you can find anything you need very quickly. Any video, long or short, can be uploaded, searched and indexed by NOVA A.I. software.

Says Linnea, “To manually view and log two hours of content, for example, takes at least double the amount of time as it would when using NOVA A.I. software. A production company with a full TV series of material that would like to create trailers, on the other hand, would face an even bigger challenge. Our software does this task of viewing and logging and making it 100% searchable that takes only 20 minutes for two hours of content. You really save a lot of time, and that was what we were going for.”

NOVA A.I. Viewing and Logging

What’s New in NOVA AI

Recently, NOVA A.I. has developed new powerful features, such as translation and subtitling in up to 100 languages, as well as light editing features, at the request of subscribing companies such as NBCUniversal, and Disney.

Now, if a user needs to have access to their archive to do a quick edit, a new second module built by NOVA A.I. offers the ability to do those edits on the go.

Editors can now quickly trim and cut, put two videos together, insert text into the frame, a logo, music, etc. using the latest NOVA A.I. features. Editors can manipulate the canvas and then export in any social media friendly format, such as LinkedIn or Instagram.

Apart from those light video editing capabilities, the software can also automatically translate and subtitle content instantly.

Michael estimates that the software can automatically transcribe around 40 languages, which can then be translated to around 100 plus languages. Once a language has been transcribed, the audio in the files is converted to the text, which then makes it searchable within the NOVA A.I. software.

NOVA A.I. Subtitles

What’s next for NOVA A.I. software

NOVA AI is taking parallel avenues in the future.

To start, Linnea and Michael plan to expand the video editing module to make it more robust.

Additionally, the team at NOVA A.I has been asked by smart search capability users to develop some very specific features, and this development has been prioritized. One of the most desired features is collaboration, which is being added to the platform now. Looking at the video editing workflow, NOVA A.I. is adding more collaborative tools to the smart search so that people can collaborate on projects in teams.

NOVA A.I. has also had editors request archives as well. Many companies that store their own videos have problems searching through local archives without knowing which video contains what content at any specific timestamp. Since the NOVA A.I. software gives you an instant reply back in less than a second, and tells you which frame at what second contains the exact video section that you’re looking for, platform archives will be a desirable feature moving forward.

Also for the archival purposes, NOVA A.I. will produce a more robust video editing process, such as adding smart transitions, writing a text on top of the canvas or video, etc. Michael would also like to offer tiles to display two different cameras on the same canvas, above and below each other.

These features will be especially interesting for the marketing teams that use NOVA A.I. for social media.  

The desire of Linnea and Michael has been to create an end-to-end video editing solution, where users can start off by deep searching content, extracting those clips into the NOVA A.I. video editor, and then finishing a proper full edit from there. 

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NOVA A.I. Video & Audio Search Demonstration

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