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Newest Production Music from ALIBI Sets the Mood for Non-Fiction Film and TV Projects

These 8 versatile albums were created for everything from documentaries, true-crime series and podcasts to reality TV competitions, dating shows and more.

ALIBI Music is giving non-fiction film and TV editors a powerful, mood-setting resource with its latest production music drop. Loaded with ALIBI’s signature stems, mixes and alt versions for maximum customization, these eight new albums of royalty-free cues will back up a wide range of projects, such as documentaries, true-crime series, thought pieces, podcasts, survival-based competitions and dating shows.

Check them out here:

Cinematic Guitar Atmospheres (10 Tracks, 363 Audio Files, LISTEN) – Built around the evocative sound of lush electric guitars, light and delicate instrumentation and otherworldly synths, pads and sound design, these cues blend melancholy and pensiveness with awe, wonder and beauty. Ideal uses: insightful documentaries, breathtaking natural world programming and slow burn sci-fi masterpieces

Crime and Conspiracy 3 (10 Tracks, 347 Audio Files, LISTEN) – Designed to set pulses racing and keep listeners on the edge of their seats, this album is the epitome of atmospheric tension. From pulsing synths that echo the rapid heartbeat of a chase to the chilling resonance of bells that evoke an eerie calmness, every song is an aural experience that draws you into a narrative. The distorted electric guitars add layers of intensity, charging the atmosphere with anticipation. Ideal uses: gripping, true-crime documentaries, suspenseful thrillers, gripping podcasts

Reflective Piano (12 Tracks, 526 Audio Files, LISTEN) – Delicate, poignant and soul-stirring piano melodies perfectly designed to echo the deepest sentiments of the heart. Every track exudes raw emotion, capturing the ebbs and flows of introspection, longing, and revelation. The gentle piano-centric cues offer a versatile backdrop, fitting seamlessly into any moment of tenderness or introspection. Ideal uses: drama, thought-pieces and documentaries

Historical American Military (10 Tracks, 371 Audio Files, LISTEN) – This album features music based around the authentic historical sound of American military fife bands. With meticulous attention to detail, these well-known and time-honored public domain songs span the eras of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and WWI. Ideal uses: period pieces and patriotic productions and documentaries, as well as real-time strategy war games

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Plucked Americana Underscores (13 Tracks, 412 Audio Files, LISTEN) – With a mostly neutral, occasionally playful and lightly inquisitive vibe, this collection of underscores focuses on organic instrumentation such as upright basses, pizzicato strings and percussion designed to evoke the spirit of the frontier. Ideal uses: American Wild West period pieces, rustic reality TV scenes or light dramas, as well as unobtrusive tasking cues for outlaw-style video games

Organic Tension Underscores (12 Tracks, 428 Audio Files, LISTEN) – Designed to elevate tension and drama in your content, this editor-friendly music features organic, natural instrumentation such as pianos and acoustic guitars, as well as various percussion and subtle organic sound design. Together, they create a tense backdrop for an array of nonfiction film and TV productions. Ideal uses: true crime docudramas, moody and introspective documentaries and dark, dramatic movies, as well as tension-filled videogames

Tension Percussion (18 Tracks, 536 Audio Files, LISTEN) – This album pairs primal beats with modern synth drones and riser effects, resulting in a sonic palette that’s raw yet refined, and always suspenseful. The use of powerful percussion elements creates immediate, palpable tension while synth drones and riser effects provide a contemporary touch. Ideal uses: survival-based reality shows, intense documentaries

Easy Going Dance (17 Tracks, 684 Audio Files, LISTEN) – With modern drum production, soothing piano melodies and entrancing synths and pads, these lush vocals and vocal samples encapsulate the vibrant feel of summer, the bliss of easy-going times, and the allure of travel and holidays. Ideal uses: dating shows, summer reality show scenes

Cues from ALIBI Music have been used in such non-fiction film and TV projects as the Gordon Ramsay reality series “Kitchen Nightmares,” the David Spade game show “Snake Oil” and the Donnie Wahlberg-hosted docuseries “Very Scary People,” among numerous others.

ALIBI music

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