Chyron LIVE sports graphics playout

New Matchpad Module in Chyron LIVE 1.3 Simplifies and Accelerates Graphics Playout for Live Soccer

Chyron today announced that version 1.3 of the Chyron LIVE cloud-native live production platform, making its debut at the 2023 NAB Show (Booth N2647), will feature new updates — including a Matchpad module that empowers virtually any user to manage dynamic motion graphics for live sports production. This first implementation of Matchpad in LIVE 1.3 focuses on soccer, but the technology provides a foundation for simplified graphics control interfaces for a variety of sports in future LIVE releases.

“Chyron LIVE is a major production value jump compared to the all-in-one production systems users may previously have been using, and Matchpad allows them to move into live operation with exciting motion graphics without the need for any prior graphic playout knowledge,” said Kristy Weir, product manager at Chyron. “Using Matchpad for a live soccer game, a LIVE 1.3 operator can get started with a multilayered scene that can dynamically highlight sponsors and important game information throughout the match, representing a huge visual upgrade. We look forward to showcasing this new technology at NAB Show, as it’s an exciting development in making high-end production accessible to organizations across all tiers of sport.”

The award-winning Chyron LIVE production platform gives users a straightforward, all-in-one interface for mixing live video and audio sources (including commentary feed), combining footage with broadcast-grade graphical overlays, creating multi-cam replay clips from live feeds, and enhancing coverage with 3D telestration analysis. LIVE’s design philosophy is to make any role in a sports production easy to master. Matchpad is another powerful example, providing a set of professional graphics scenes that a user with no broadcast experience can expertly control during a live show.

Prior to a game, users enter team and player information and branding elements into a simple configuration spreadsheet. During the game, this spreadsheet will automatically populate the event’s graphic design template. As a play unfolds, a visually intuitive control panel provides straightforward controls for highlighting important game elements — goals, yellow/red flags, lineups, substitutions, and more — and push-button commands for bringing in sponsor graphics during key game moments.

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In addition to Matchpad, Chyron LIVE 1.3 features updates that enhance streaming capabilities, improve configuration settings, and increase user control. The new SRT Caller Output allows users to send the live production output to a specific device for playout, ensuring it smoothly traverses the IT firewall network through a trusted IP and port address. A new input/output configuration provides more information about essential settings for different streaming connections, as well as advanced settings to optimize redundancy, bitrate, and CIDR parameters. The configuration interface now also provides an active preview of each input to facilitate the initial connection setup.

With LIVE’s previous 1.2 release at the tail-end of 2022, file upload is an effortless process, with a seamless direct upload of graphic scenes from PRIME Designer to a LIVE production instance, along with drag-and-drop upload of image and clip assets within LIVE’s browser-based interface. Additionally, the platform now includes simple shortcut keys for button-push control across switching, graphics, replay, telestration, and audio mixing modules, which are easily mappable to physical control devices.

More information on Chyron LIVE is available on the Chyron website:


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