Lowel Tota LED XL

New Lowel Tota LED XL

Tiffen introduces the next generation Lowel Tota LED XL daylight-balanced panel floodlight with an innovative foldable design and 3X the brightness of the previous model.

Designed for lighting subjects or raising the ambient set lighting for video or photographic production, the Tota LED XL emits 11,200 lux of flicker-free continuous light. With 216 individual LEDs, the 8″ x 8″ panel produces a bright 60° beam at 5600° K ±200° K. Engineered for extremely accurate color reproduction, with a TLCI rating of 98 and a CRI of 96, this versatile floodlight is capable of rendering vibrant colors as well as warm nuanced skin tones. When a hard light source is needed, the included rigid diffusers can quickly be removed.

Tota LED XL is location and on-set ready. A unique hinged three-section design allows it to compactly fold down to half its width, so its solid metal body protects the LED panel during transport. The tri-panel design enhances lighting control with the two outer wing sections capable of being either splayed flat or folded inward to custom-shape the light emission. In addition, removable barndoors are included for even more directional capability.

Power versatile, the Tota LED XL operates via AC or battery (not included). The stand-mountable control box combines the power supply, controller, V-lock battery plate, and AC adapter in a single unit, minimizing bulk, clutter, and cumbersome cabling. An LCD window displays the output readout and a knurled knob controls range and fine-tune dimming (100% to 0% at 1% increments). For further flexibility, a 2-way 5/8-inch receiver is included allowing the fixture to be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The complete Tota LED XL comes in a ready-to-run handled case, with a custom foam insert with cutouts for the full array of components at $399.


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