Chyron PRIME version 4.10

New Chyron PRIME 4.10 Release Further Optimizes Modern, High-Volume Graphics Workflows for News and Sports

Chyron today introduced PRIME 4.10, a new release of the company’s powerful live production engine, with updates that streamline and optimize delivery of rich graphic visuals in modern production workflows. New features and capabilities in PRIME 4.10 improve the quality of NDI productions, enhance multi-scene graphic playout orchestration with all-encompassing control interfaces, and build on PRIME’s powerful JavaScripting capabilities that customers are using to take data-to-graphics integrations to new heights.

Representing the last major release of the PRIME 4 software series before the landmark reveal of PRIME 5.0 at IBC2024, PRIME 4.10 incorporates a variety of vital enhancements. Most notable in terms of enabling and optimizing modern production workflows is support for NDI 6, which provides 10+ bit HLG-based HDR support for productions leveraging video-over-IP connectivity. Content creators can enjoy cutting-edge HDR productions with live video feeds, graphics, and clips all displaying with superior quality.

Another major update in PRIME 4.10 ensures that clips at different frame rates can be brought into the system and automatically adjusted at output to match the production frame rate. For broadcasters receiving clips, footage, and other media from different sources, this capability eliminates the need for continual review and clip conversion, ensuring that all assets play to air smoothly. Additional workflow improvements include the ability to customize desktop output windows for the creation of simple second-monitor multiviewers, as well as toggleable text rendering prioritization to ensure real-time data updates – such as a game clock – with the utmost accuracy.

“These connectivity, media, and configuration improvements will simplify and enhance existing workflows for every PRIME customer,” said Chris Amodei, PRIME Product Manager at Chyron. “On new opportunities with PRIME 4.10, I’m very eager to see the custom panels and workflows customers create with our greatly enhanced master control panels.”

In addition to PRIME’s master control panel improvements, PRIME 4.10 further enhances graphics playout with customizable hotkey execution behaviors on preview / program, region-of-interest image, and clip export capabilities, as well as straightforward text color tag commands to quickly alter the color of specific text on the fly.

Since the launch of the JavaScript Effect and Resource Toolset in PRIME 4.8, key customers have significantly maximized the value of data APIs to enhance their graphics. PRIME and JavaScript are being utilized to empower playout operators using PRIME control panels. This setup enables operators to swiftly and easily select API data, update graphics with team logos and headshots, and enhance their storytelling through dynamic graphics reskinning and updates. PRIME 4.10 further empowers customers by providing additional JavaScript events and objects, accompanied by a comprehensive JavaScript user guide to assist designers in utilizing JavaScript’s scripting capabilities.

Commenting on this final chapter of PRIME 4 and the future of PRIME 5.0, Chyron’s Product Portfolio Director – Nikole McStanley – said, “Version 5.0 represents a significant evolution for PRIME with a robust focus on elevating workflow efficiencies throughout the Chyron platform. At the core of this enhancement is a cutting-edge gRPC API, enabling more sophisticated integrations that boost productivity and enrich visual storytelling for the latest live production workflows. We’ll have many more new features to talk about at IBC.”

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