A boy acts on set in front of a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro

Musashino Art University Uses Blackmagic Cloud and Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro for Video Production

Blackmagic Design today announced that Musashino Art University, one of Japan’s top art universities, is using a number of Blackmagic Design products, including Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro digital film cameras, DaVinci Resolve Studio editing, color grading, visual effects (VFX) and audio post production software and Blackmagic Cloud in its video production workflows for collaborative student projects within the university’s film department.

Musashino Art University is known for nurturing numerous notable artists and prominent individuals. Within the university’s film department, Blackmagic Design cameras and other equipment are being used for educational purposes.

Daisuke Tamochi, a teaching assistant in the film department, said, “We have three Pocket Cinema 6K cameras, and when the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro was released, we added five more to ensure more students had access to them. We also have three Video Assist 7” 12G HDR units. For classes that require live streaming or open campus events, we use the ATEM Mini Pro ISO. Additionally, DaVinci Resolve and Blackmagic Cloud are integrated into our teaching.”

The decision to introduce Blackmagic Cloud and the various Pocket Cinema Cameras was primarily influenced by Hiroshi Oka, who teaches the drama production class at the university. He shared, “I’ve been teaching at this university for about eight years. Back then, we were using DSLR cameras for video shooting. In this class, a full scale set is built in a studio, and each group of students is assigned a role and works in groups to create a film. I suggested the Pocket Cinema Cameras because I wanted to introduce a cinema camera in the class so that the students would have the same experience of learning filmmaking as they would in an actual filmmaking environment, and they are easy to use, even for students.”

Tamochi added, “Apart from classes, students can borrow equipment for their independent projects. We’ve noticed that the Pocket Cinema Camera is used quite frequently for these projects. Blackmagic cameras are compact and mobile, making them suitable for individuals or small group shootings. The cameras have user friendly screens on the back, eliminating the need for external monitors, which simplifies the equipment required for shooting.”

In Oka’s class, they conduct group work that involves DaVinci Resolve Studio and Blackmagic Cloud. He mentioned, “When Blackmagic Cloud was released, I used the service for the vertical video drama production I was involved in at the time. This was a project in which one of my students and I served as codirectors. We had a tight schedule, with a weekly stream, so we used Blackmagic Cloud to share the project and edit each part separately, combining them afterward. I felt that this workflow could be integrated into my class, so we started using it in April of this year.”

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In the class, students are divided into five groups and work together to create a single project. Each team creates a project library and collaboratively conducts editing. Oka explained, “It’s a great opportunity for many students to get involved in the editing process. They can quickly show their edits to others and have discussions, ultimately improving the work. DaVinci Resolve allows us to work on color grading and audio simultaneously without the restriction of locking the picture, which saves a lot of time. We also used Fairlight for audio editing, and when compared to our previous tools, it can do almost everything. Efficiency increased significantly because we could switch between audio and video editing effortlessly.”

Oka concluded, “I use Blackmagic Cloud in various professional collaborations outside of class. People who were skeptical about cloud based workflows due to their prior experience with other editing software have been pleased with the speed at which edits can be reflected when they use Blackmagic Cloud. The Presentations feature is also an excellent communication tool. We can receive client feedback and make immediate revisions. This allows us to discuss changes during video chats, making the editing process more efficient.”

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