Moonray's Puss in Boots The Last Wish

Moving MoonRay Open Source To Q1 of 2023

December 2022 update from MoonRay

Folks, we’re working hard on getting to a clean, ready to build release. We’ve achieved:

  • Testing a specific buildable container environment 
  • Iterating and improving our build instructions
  • Establishing a new documentation website for public use
  • Eliminated our internal library dependencies
  • Updated our external library dependencies
  • We’re testing and improving our Hydra delegate on various popular open-source test USD scenes 
  • Preparing our repositories for MoonRay
  • Changing our build system and processes to accept and release internal and external contributions
  • Integrating some cool new features from our beta partners
  • Continuing to add new features and fixes to MoonRay, supporting our productions with their rendering needs, such as the coming release of Puss In Boots: The Last Wish

A tremendous amount of work, and we’re excited that we’ve come a long way in a short period of time, and we’re quite eager to start partnering and collaborating with everyone on MoonRay.  

Now, we had said we were aiming for a release this year.  However, with the year-end approaching, people are making arrangements for holidays and celebrations with family and loved ones.   We’ve made significant progress, but we’re not quite ready to release MoonRay at this time. We want to ensure the best possible roll-out experience for everyone, and a little more effort is still required.

With that in mind, we are scheduling MoonRay’s release for Q1 of 2023.  We’re looking forward to it, and in the meantime, we wish everyone happy holidays!


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