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Technology! Editing, filming, Martial Arts, Swimming, Scuba Diving.

Favorite Movies

Pretty un-exotic Im afraid- Batman (The Nolan versions), Pan's Labrynth, The Matrix, Cypher…. the list goes on for a while.

Favorite TV Shows

Anything with Richard Dawkins, David Attenborough or Derren Brown. Also enjoy Misfits (E4), Sherlock (BBC), True Blood, Carnivale, The Office, Game of Thrones, Fringe.

Comments and Things Worth Noting

Certified Scuba Diving Open Water 1- PADI
Certified Boat Driving Licence (Boatsafe, Queensland, Australia)

Technical Information

System Details

3.04 Ghz Intel Core i7
AMD Radeon HD 6970M
12GB DDR3 1333Mhz
Mac OSX 10.7.x (always updated).

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