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  • Neil Pollick

    March 3, 2023 at 9:11 am in reply to: Laptop charger power needed for 4k editing

    My laptop does turn on immediately when the battery is empty if the psu is plugged in.
    And on previous laptops I have had the laptop needed the psu plugged in no matter if the battery was fully charged in order to do the most resource intensive activities in video editing.

    Nothing I read on the internet confirmed that fact but I witnessed it myself time and time again and that’s enough for me.

    The original psu of my laptop was 100w, rather than 65w, for a reason, and I don’t think that the reason was to charge the battery faster.

    And i would still like to know why the charger outputs at 20v as well as 15v if anyone knows.
    I can find nothing on that anywhere on the internet. Thanks.

  • The rendering didn’t even get started, it crashed before the rendering dialogue box appears.

    I didn’t find any files to be corrupt in the vegas projects that wouldn’t render. I tried various things, like making sure all the source files were in the same folder (in case vegas was “losing its way” when it was looking for the files to draw on. I made sure project settings matched settings I wanted to render with (fps, resolution, disable resampling).
    It still wouldn’t render.

    So I looped a 30 section section and prerendered it.
    That worked.
    So I rendered the same 30 s section and that also worked.

    Then I tried to render a different part of the film, without pre-rendering it and that also worked.
    I closed and reopened the project and now I can render all or any part of it, and the render dialogue appears so smartly now as if it the program were making amends.

    It may be unscientific but I’d say the render engine is like the motor in a vintage car sometimes, it has to be hand cranked into action.

  • I’ll try that Erik when I get the time, just a bit busy with completing another project right now.

  • That’s it!
    Thank you

  • but it’s only one project that fails, generally rendering is just fine.

  • Neil Pollick

    May 9, 2018 at 8:56 pm in reply to: Decent laptop for Vegas editing

    Gaming laptops are the ones that make good video editing machines

  • Neil Pollick

    February 1, 2017 at 12:35 pm in reply to: I can’t drag and drop video on Sony Vegas

    I thought I would add something even at this late date because this will be a useful thread to look at in the future. I had this problem and sorted it out using some old wisdom I gleaned off a forum somewhere.

    The problem was the permissions settings of the Vegas installation folder in C:/Program Files.
    I noticed that the owner was not the same as the owner for all the other programs stored in the Program Files folder.
    I changed the ownership of the Sony Vegas installation folder to match the other program folders and after that I could drag and drop media from windows Explorer directly onto the vegas timeline.

    You need to be logged on as an administrator then you go to the Sony Vegas folder in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)
    Right click on the folder then on “Properties”, then “security”, then “advanced” (near the bottom).
    That brings you to a dialogue page with the optiop at the top to change the ownership of the folder.
    In may case I changed it to “Administrators (KO7\Administrators)”, where KO7 is the name of my machine (when you press on the word “change” it will take you to a different dialogue page where you specify who the new owner is going to be)
    Before you hit “apply” at the bottom, check the box “Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object” (this means all the folders and files inside the Sony Vegas directory will now have this new owner too).

    Keep pressing OK to get out of it.
    Next time you open Vegas you may well find you can drag and drop your files from Explorer right onto the timeline.

  • This is more what I would like to see for my projects

  • Here is a still from the uncorrected footage, using Technicolor’s recommended values in-camera values for saturation, contrast, color tone & sharpness.

    Obviously increasing the contrast in post will just intensify this red/orange cast on the skin tones.
    Maybe someone seeing this picture will recognize just what is happening

    At the time of shooting I think I should have experimented with using different values for “color tone” settings in-camera but that will not help me now that the foootage is shot.
    I have just found a solution which involves Photoshop. I export a jpg image out of Vegas and open it up in Photoshop. I apply adjustment layer style changes to luminance and skin tones then export it out of Photoshop as a LUT file.
    Anything that can be achieved using adjustment layers in photoshop can become part of the LUT, it gives you so much leeway.
    I have a plugin in Vegas that allows me to apply LUTs to footage (VisionColor OFX LUT Plugin).
    I know much more about color correcting in Photoshop than I do in Vegas so this is a good way for me to go.

    I don’t suppose this will help other people who are reading this and hoping to find a solution using Vegas rather than Photoshop.
    Perhaps people reading this would still be willing to share Vegas based solutions. A simple Vegas corrective would still be attractive to me.

    I will be glad to share how the transfer between Vegas and PS is done and how you export LUTs in Photoshop, and how you can apply them to footage in Vegas. If anyone wants to know about that they should send me a message because this forum is not for Photoshop and it doesn’t seem right to go into that here. I will help you set up the workflow.

  • I think maybe this guy is just doing market research and is not a film maker

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