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  • Mikey Grigoryan

    May 21, 2016 at 7:37 am

    I have this issue as well maybe with a lil difference.

    I start my PC (Win 7-ult, Dual 8 core E5 2687W 3.10GHz, 64RAM, QUADRO K6000) and w.e program I start like Nuke or PremiereProCC2015, I see that it recognizes my GPU in preferences. But if I close the program and restart it, no longer recognizes it and I get the same exact “error”.

    I can see in GPUsniffer(programfiles/adobe/premierepro/gpusniffer) that it recognizes my gpu but.. well you understand the rest just a pain in the ass.

    As for the driver, I have HPZ820 adviced driver for premiere pro which is NOT the latest K6000 driver. Now I’ve tested 4 different k6000 drivers and nothing helps Only time I can use GPUcuda(yes cuda 7.5 is installed) is when I first start up my pc. There has to be a resolution, an answer to this madness.

Viewing 1 of 1 posts

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