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Ukulele player in the Springfield Uketopians, the Lei*Abouts, and Bandleader of B.B. Ross and the Happy Accidents. RC model gliders and electrics. RC sailing in 1-meter class. Sailing my full-size 1977 Barnett Butterfly Scow. Hard-core Science fiction (Niven, Asimov, Clarke type stuff) and a writer of Traveller Sci Fi RPG adventures. Tiki culture, authentic Polynesian as well as haole/fake hawaiiana. 80's Music. Lounge and Exotica type music a la Arthur Lyman, Martin Denny, Esquivel, etc. Slack-key guitar and ukulele music. Animation in 2 and 3-D. Flight simming with x-plane. Aerospace in general, spacecraft, home-builts, and sailplanes in particular. Sailing, repairing and building full scale sailboats.

Areas of Expertise

Generalist problem-solver. Advertising Creative. Specialist writing and editing "Explainer" videos, PSA's Commercials, short-form. NASA contractor for 3 years, writing scripts for a daily Podcast called; "Innovation NOW!" Excellent and fast writer. Specialist in cost-effective/low-budget projects that only *look* expensive. Able to one-man-band it or join a crew, from grip to director. Resourceful, good at technical improvisations in the field to get the job done.

Favorite Books

Too many to list. I love hard sci-fi though.

Favorite Bands / Musician

Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney/Beatles, Brian Wilson, Brudda Iz, Bob Marley, and about 200 more… I like singer-songwriters and tight harmonies plus killer lyrics.

Favorite Movies

Too many to list, but Sci-Fi genre is always a major choice. Any Orson Welles, any Hitchcock, Gilliam, Gondry, Frankenheimer, Scorsese, Spielberg, the typical heavyweights, and I have a warm spot for the creative cheapskate, Roger Corman.

Favorite TV Shows

The next one I'm working on!

Comments and Things Worth Noting

"You know you're either pretty old… or very eclectic, when more than half the artists on your iPod are dead people."-Mark Suszko

Technical Information

System Details

FCPX, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion.


I shoot in DVCPro on my day job. But I don’t fetishize the camera; it is only a tool. Nice to own, but I’m happy to rent one for a specific project, as long as it gets me the image I need to tell the story effectvely. That could be a Red Epic or a knockoff GoPro. Whatever the budget and the needs call for.

Home Theater

Theater? I see some come every major holiday when the relatives gather

Home Studio Musical Gear

Yamaha DX7 IIFD, with the add-on Grey Matter sequencer/controller baby! The 80’s live on! I also belong to the Springfield Uketopians ukulele club. Latest uke is a Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster. You can see me smack it around on YouTube.

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