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Personal Information


Swimming & exercise, reading, board and digital games + hanging out with my boys.

Areas of Expertise

Post-Production, Production and coming up with crazy ideas that might jjust work!

Favorite Books

Matthew Reilly, Colin Forbes, Conn Iggulden

Favorite Bands / Musician

TV-2, Queen,

Favorite Movies

Festen, The Witness, Jaws, Starwars,

Favorite TV Shows

24, Battlestar Gallactica, The Unit, X-Files, Rejseholdet, Wallander – both Swedish & UK version,

Comments and Things Worth Noting

At every full moon he grows lots of body hair and long teeth!

Technical Information

System Details

I have a mixed PC and Apple Mac set-up working from home on a 1 Gbps Fibre connection.

On the PC mainly running Adobe Creative Cloud, using Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition and the rest + Boris FX Continuum, Partical Effects and Mocha Pro.

The Mac is used for FCPX, Motion, Compressor and CoreMelt Everything Bundle + Adobe CC, with various bits of “glue” to make everything work smoother, and look nicer.

Looking to add Avid Media Composer in the near future (as of March 2022).


I use them all, but tend to hire them in for each project.

Home Theater

Old TV with a Panasonic PVR, Fire-stick and XBox – what else would one need..?

Ooh, I also have a Betacam SP player for just in case I get nostalgic and want to watch some of my old masters.

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