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"Free time", you must be joking.

Areas of Expertise

Color Management —
frequently means "Draining the Swamp" AND "Taking Care of the Alligators." Make your Image Great Again.

Comments and Things Worth Noting

Life, The Universe, and Everything? 42.
Its intuitive, but check it if you'd like… take your time.

Technical Information

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MacPro 5,1 High Sierra
3xGPU (Cubix) nvidia Titan
Blackmagic Decklink4K / Flanders 2461W
Scopebox, Tangent Element Full Set
Your media.

Home Theater

LG UHD/3D 55UB8500
Denon/Paradigm 5.1
Playstation PS4-PRO

Home Studio Musical Gear

Fender Mustang Amp plus
Fender Stratocaster “Black Strat”
Epiphone ES-339

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