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Spinning Fire, <a href="; target="_blank"><b>Swing Dancing!</b></a> with mah hunnie, Fine-Art Photography, Music (piano and guitar), MOTION Graphics, Bright lights, Movies and crazy outings of stupid things with many, many crazy friends. (<a href="; target="_blank"></a>)

Comments and Things Worth Noting

I'm usually available for freelance and training. Write me for more info. I look forward to working with you!

<b>Currently In Progress</b>
<a href="; target="_blank"><b>Ultimate Effects Guide to After Effects:</b></a> Reference//Inspiration//Instruction – the ultimate guide to AE's 3rd Party Plug-ins
(Through CMP Media)

<b>Advanced Photoshop Artistry</b> instructional CDs through VTC

Wrote a few chapters/tutorials in Richard Harrington's Excccccccellent book <b><a href="; target="blank">"Photoshop for NonLinear Editors"</b></a>

Technical Information

System Details

Alienware MJ-12 Bad-As* Laptop
P3.8 HT Mhz
2GB single-stick RAM
256 nVidia Quadro FX 1400
17″ X-brite 1680 wide display – sweeeet!
Internal dual 120GB 7200rpm RAID-0
Internal Dual-Layer DVD-+RW
300G Firewire 7200 external drive
Wacom 6×8 Intuos III Pen Tab

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