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  • Chris Toll

    June 30, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    I have SANmp running on 3 suites. I have also used both FCP7 and FCPX on the setup.

    The limiting factor is that FCPX can not see a volume that is mounted “Read-Only” it must be “Read-Write”. There may be a work around, but frankly we didn’t have the patience for that. Since we use FCPX for the vast majority of our projects, and considering upgrading to more storage anyway, we chose to go with a new file-based SAN system (non-XSAN). Now all suites can access all projects and access all the footage when they need it.

    There are a couple of all-in-one solutions out there now that have metadata controllers and such all inside the box. Worth checking out.

Viewing 1 of 1 posts

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