Melrose Podcasts studio featuring a large screen on the wall and utilizing ATEM Mini Pro ISO live production switcher

Melrose Podcasts Uplevels Podcast Production with ATEM Mini Pro ISO

Blackmagic Design today announced that podcast studio Melrose Podcasts is utilizing ATEM Mini Pro ISO live production switchers to help produce some of today’s leading podcasts. With the recent expansion of a new flagship studio in New York City, the ATEM Mini Pro ISO is also helping Melrose Podcasts expand its podcast recording and live streaming capabilities.

With a focus on investing in high quality technology to stay ahead of the curve, Melrose Podcasts has recorded for a roster of successful clients both at its headquarters in Los Angeles and its new studio in New York City, including Barstool, NPR, Michael Rappaport, Hannah Berner, Adam Ray, Harry Jowsey, Call Her Daddy, Unlicensed Therapy, and many more.

According to Melrose Podcasts Producer Ari Mannis, “In the fast paced world of podcasting, creating high quality content efficiently is the key to success. We selected the ATEM Mini Pro ISO to help elevate our podcasting game and streamline our production process. From ensuring precise focus and shot composition to providing backup recordings, enhancing live streams, and streamlining real time editing, the ATEM Mini Pro ISO has helped keep us ahead of the curve. It is a versatile device that has become a staple in our world of content creation. It’s ideal for managing camera angles, audio sources, and more. What sets it apart is its ability to record each source independently, resulting in a seamless and efficient production workflow.”

Melrose Podcasts is using an ATEM Mini Pro ISO at both its locations to display camera feeds on a large TV that the podcast hosts can view. “Not only does this allow us to easily check focus and framing, ensuring that each shot looks its best before recording, but it also serves as a handy tool for showing the clients the planned shots, increasing transparency and collaboration,” explained Mannis.

He continued, “Live streaming has become an integral part of podcasting, since it allows creators to connect with their audiences in real time. Engagement and connection are key. The ATEM Mini Pro ISO enhances our live streaming capabilities by allowing us to use our cameras as webcams, so our clients can easily deliver a more professional quality video to their viewers.”

With the ATEM Mini Pro ISO’s USB operating as a webcam source, what the computer thinks is a webcam is really the switcher, allowing Melrose Podcasts and its clients to leverage a more polished look from professional cameras.

“For our clients, time is of the essence. Their content needs to be topical, timely and on schedule,” Mannis added. “The ATEM Mini Pro ISO allows us to make realtime cuts during live recordings, which eliminates the need for extensive editing in post production, resulting in faster turnaround times and a more efficient workflow.”

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In the unpredictable world of podcasting, technical glitches can occur at any time. To safeguard against potential disasters, Melrose Podcasts uses the switchers’ backup recording features. “The ATEM Mini Pro ISO can simultaneously record each camera feed and audio source independently at 1080p resolution, so should any issues arise during the live recording, we can rely on backups to salvage the podcast, preventing the loss of valuable content,” noted Mannis.

“By leveraging the ATEM Mini Pro ISO, we’re not only able to deliver high quality content but also demonstrate our commitment to innovation and efficiency in the ever evolving world of podcasting. As the podcast industry continues to grow, embracing cutting edge technology like the ATEM Mini Pro ISO is a testament to our dedication to staying at the forefront of the field,” Mannis concluded.

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