Graham Quince Video Tutorial YouTube Comment with Adobe After Effects

Makin’ YouTube Comments in Adobe After Effects

In this tutorial, I’m going to show how you can take the text of Youtube comment and create a precomp to match the look. I’ll show how to use an expression to control the widget of the text box and how you can use Adobe’s Essential Graphics to make this precomp resuable. This looks way better than simply taking a screengrab, as you can resize it.

Project download:

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Expression used:AllText = text.sourceText.replace(/(\r\n|\n|\r)/gm,”|”);AllTextLength = AllText.length;textArray = AllText.split(”);
txt = “”;word = “”;boxwidth = 40;count = 0;for (var i=0; i < AllTextLength; i++) { word = word+textArray[i]; if (textArray[i] == ‘ ‘) {  txt = txt+word;  word = “”; } count++;
 if (count >= boxwidth) {  count = 0;  txt = txt+”\n”; }    if (i == AllTextLength-1 ) {  txt = txt+word; }
    if (textArray[i] == ‘|’) {  txt = txt+word+”\n”;  word = ”;  count = 0; }


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