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Magma, an Art Collaboration Platform, Begins Rollout of Ethically Responsible AI to its Millions of Users

Professional Artist Platform Offers Unique Merge of Art and Collaboration Tools All in One Digital Canvas

Magma, a collaborative browser-based artistic platform created by artists for artists, today announced it is launching an open beta of artist-assist AI and other new anticipated features to its millions strong legion of professional and hobby digital artists.  Through its unique mix of artist and collaboration tools, Magma has secured the interest of artists in more than 200 countries, with almost 1M active users per month who are creating more than 15M drawings per year.

Magma enables artists to achieve peak creativity and productivity through a highly collaborative, cloud-based artistic platform. Simple but robust, Magma allows artists and educators to create, collaborate, communicate, brainstorm and share – all in real-time and without leaving their virtual canvas. Individuals and teams can securely and seamlessly share their artwork both within their organization and externally. Magma’s ‘artist first’ approach to product design allows easy access for users of all skill levels – from hobby artists to educators to professional studios. Magma is constantly updating its platform to bring artists the tools they need to create.

Prompt history record

“Magma has been an invaluable tool for our team, especially when developing our own IP,”  said David Levy, Pitch Dev Studios CEO and art director.  “Our group is made of many artists living in different parts of the world working under the same umbrella thanks to Magma.”

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Artists can now also interact with Magma’ artist-assist AI, which has recently become available to the public in beta. However, Magma’s AI is not intended to be the sole producer of an artist’s creation. Driven by its recently released AI- focused manifesto, the team at Magma firmly believes AI tools should augment creativity by providing art styles, inspiration, layers, filters, visualizations and customization to iterate, edit and form their artwork. This enables creators to grow, inspire and learn from each other while respecting the efforts of artists who spent years developing their skills and styles. It is Magma’s intention to empower artists to achieve more, rather than undermine their skills. Registration for the AI open beta can be found  here.

AI layer tagging

Along with its community, Magma is working hard to find solutions for the responsible use of AI. Magma’s AI beta current features:

  • Magma AI blocks the use of artists’ names in prompts unless the artist has given explicit permission to do so. With an existing & ongoing database for artists names, users have the ability to submit names to be excluded from prompting functionality.  
  • AI content is permanently marked as AI. This means that if AI was used in the canvas, the layer will be tagged as “AI” permanently, to improve transparency amongst collaborators.
  • Complete prompt history record for every canvas. This means that in any canvas everyone can see all the prompts that were used in the entire canvas timeline, for sharing and transparency.
  • Magma’s AI layer tagging system along with prompt history records are well-equipped to help artists prove human ownership. A recent US copyright office statement states that works created with AI are copyrightable as long as there’s human ownership.

In addition, top priority Magma AI solutions currently in development include:

  • Enabling artists to detect, license, and monetize their styles.
  • Metadata/signature in downloaded artworks to improve AI visibility on artwork shared outside of Magma.

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“Art and the process of making art is always evolving. AI is just one more tool to augment, not replace, creativity. What is most important to Magma is protecting artists and their work,” said Damien Kaczmarek, CEO of Magma. “Our goal is to provide an all-in-one solution for artists, which in the future needs to include an ethical AI solution.”

Magma’s other professional features including:

  • Secure Centralized Cloud-Based Workspace – Artist IP is highly secure with single sign-on, role-based access, password protection, EU GDPR compliance and other security features. For even more security, enterprise customers can opt in to self-hosting or to connect their own encrypted object storage.
  • Dedicated Artspaces for Teams and Organization- Ideal for team organization, project and asset management and better communication for pipeline efficiency. Simultaneous Artspaces, communication channels, and synchronous and asynchronous feedback tools enable truly collaborative workflows in the art creation and brainstorming process. 
  • Community-Building Features – Allow users to share their artworks, create with friends and colleagues and be inspired.  Art channels allow users to communicate and connect with others.
  • Scalable Product – Ideal for unlimited user collaboration. Up to 50 people are able to simultaneously work during a single art jam.
  • Professional and Powerful Tools – Professional arts tools including core brushes and modifiers; layer transformation, selection and lasso tools; an enhanced lasso brush, predefined shape tools and a library of custom shapes, and a wide variety of filters; as well as and integration including Photoshop, Jira and more.
  • Communication Tools – In addition to chat and channels, a new integrated video call feature allows for the whole team to seamlessly be in a call in an Artspace canvas at one time, without having to jump into another program. 
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According to artists using Magma in professional game, film and animation firms, the platform is shifting how artists create and engage to achieve peak creativity and productivity in today’s remote-first, fast-paced work environment. Users reported a 25% reduction in project delivery time, 32% less time spent in meetings, 40% fewer revisions per cycle and 72% increase in employee satisfaction. On average, clients with seat licenses recoup their costs within the first month of implementing Magma into their workflow.

Magma offers a variety of solutions for artists, from robust free offerings to collaborative professional packages and turn-key enterprise programs.

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