LumaTouch Launches Major New Update to LumaFusion

LumaTouch will also partner with CoreMelt to add professional video stabilization in the timeline. LumaFusion v3.0 is built on a powerful new codebase. This enables external drive editing in the new iPad Pro with USB4. The New UI updates will feature resizable panels, new audio EQ features and support for third party audio effects plug-ins.

LumaTouch today announced a major new update to its signature multitrack mobile editing platform for iOS: LumaFusion v3.0. With this update, LumaFusion is introducing a powerful new codebase that enables a number of free new features that further elevate the mobile editing experience, including a new video stabilization feature developed in partnership with CoreMelt and based on CoreMelt’s industry-renowned Lock & Load stabilization technology.

LumaTouch also announced that this new update leverages the new high-speed USB4 port in the new iPad Pro to enable External Drive Editing. This represents a significant win for those customers looking to create longer-form films, or video projects requiring large amounts of storage. External Drive Editing allows LumaFusion editors to now edit from clips directly stored on external drives and connected to their iPad Pro via a USB-C cable. While USB4 provides the best performance, LumaTouch has also enabled this valuable new storage saving feature for any iPad Pro with USB-C.

LumaFusion is also introducing a new graphic EQ for audio that delivers an intuitive interface for quickly and easily adjusting and cleaning audio to achieve a perfect mix for any video. With 11 bands and a fully resizable user interface, the new graphic EQ enables users to focus on audio design in a way never before possible in LumaFusion.
Also with this announcement, LumaFusion has brought back support for third party AUv3 audio effect plugins, and added new features that enables users to choose and organize the plugins they want to appear in LumaFusion. LumaFusion editors can use each plugins’ custom user interface (or control with LumaFusion’s traditional sidebar controls) for a customized workflow experience.  With this new feature, users can use their favorite audio tools directly within LumaFusion.

Additionally, for all settings within the FX and Title editors, LumaFusion has added numerical keypads to simplify slider and rotation controls for more accurate animation and precise adjustments.

For more details on the newest version of LumaFusion, please visit

LumaTouch and CoreMelt Technology Partnership

For the release of LumaFusion 3.0, LumaTouch and CoreMelt embarked on a technology integration partnership to develop an integrated, seamless stabilization feature. Rather than developing the feature like a plugin, CoreMelt’s Lock and Load technology acts as a separate tool in the LumaFusion clip editor, designed to make it easy to quickly stabilize video, while still providing deep controls for users who want to precisely adjust the stabilization provided. The version of Lock and Load integrated into LumaFusion 3.0 uses the same algorithm and gives the same great results as the Final Cut Pro plugin. Working together with the team from LumaTouch, the development team from CoreMelt integrated its technology into LumaFusion, giving users access to best in class tools at no additional cost. The tool is optimized to make use of all  the powerful cores on Apple’s new M series chips, but also runs on older A series iOS devices.

The algorithms and technology behind Lock and Load X stabilizer have been refined for nearly 20 years and future improvements will continue to be available to LumaFusion users.

LumaFusion Multicam and Additional Pro Features Coming Soon

LumaTouch also announced they will be releasing two new “feature packs” that will be sold separately as in-app purchases. These new feature packs will include a number of powerful, professional editing features and capabilities that add significant flexibility and function to the LumaFusion workflow.

As part of these feature packs, LumaTouch will be adding the highly-anticipated multicam capability, an elegant new form of multicam editing that has been optimized for a touch screen editing environment unique to LumaFusion. Anyone shooting with more than 1 camera or a camera with an external audio source will see this as a way to easily and automatically sync their media together. This creates a ‘multicam clip’ with perfectly synced audio and video that can be simply dropped onto the LumaFusion timeline and if desired, cut with the multiCam switching feature.
LumaFusion feature packs will also be adding video scopes as a new feature. These scopes will include Histogram, Waveforms and Vectorscopes in a configurable panel, so editors can choose which scopes to display based on their requirements. All scopes work in real time, so LumaFusion editors will be able to see results of settings changes immediately, and animate them to see results during video playback. All the scopes will work for both High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) color spaces.

LumaFusion multicam and video scopes will be sold separately as part of a comprehensive ‘feature pack.’ Details of all new features included, as well as pricing for the new feature packs will be announced at launch.

Pricing and Availability

LumaFusion v3.0 is a free update for existing customers. The download is available immediately for new customers in the Apple App Store and is priced at $29.99 USD. For more information, please visit


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