Luma Touch Teachers Caroline Scott Courtney G. Jones and Glen Mulcahy

LumaFusion Certified Trainers Launch Series of In-Depth Mobile Editing Workshops

These industry experts are leading beginner, intermediate and advanced video editing training workshops for social media, mobile journalism and advanced filmmaking, teaching marketable skills.

LumaTouch ( today announced its support for a new series of extensive training courses, developed and led by a team of LumaFusion Certified Trainers and designed to create new employment opportunities for LumaFusion editors in multiple categories of mobile post production: Social Media Content Creation, Mobile Journalism and Mobile Filmmaking skills.

The LumaFusion Certified Training Courses will launch in the United States on May 10, 2021. Each course consists of a series of eight in-depth, tailored live virtual workshops delivered via Zoom conferencing over the course of eight days. Each session is approximately two hours long and includes a detailed curriculum covering all aspects of the LumaFusion workflow in each respective category. Workshops are also designed to cater to all varying levels of expertise – from novices and aspiring content creators to advanced filmmakers.

Registration for the U.S. workshops is available immediately.

The LumaFusion Certified Training Courses will launch in Europe and the EMEA region later this spring in order to accommodate participants from varying time zones. Dates for future workshops will be announced in May 2021.

Mastering LumaFusion for Social Media Content Creation, Mobile Journalism and Mobile  Filmmaking

The debut series of LumaFusion training courses are focused on three major categories of mobile post production: Social Media Content Creation, Mobile Journalism, and Mobile Filmmaking. Each course is led by experts in their respective fields and have been qualified by LumaTouch as Certified LumaFusion Trainers. Following is summary of each course:

LumaFusion For Social Media Content Creators: Caroline Scott

With over four billion people around the world using social media each month, there has never been a more important time to develop the skills to produce professional content that engages audiences online.
In this course led by Caroline Scott, students will learn how to use LumaFusion’s powerful editing capabilities to create sharp, bespoke and branded footage that stands out from the crowd on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Through a series of practical modules, participants in this course will become empowered to use advanced editing techniques and workflows previously reserved for desktop editors and will be prepared to confidently create long- and short-form content for social media platforms. Caroline Scott is a passionate media trainer and social media specialist, helping news organisations, marketers and businesses better connect with their audiences online. She specialises in smartphone content creation and has trained staff at a range of organizations such as the BBC, RTÉ, Falkland Islands TV and Sky News. Caroline is also a working journalist and has shot and edited video for the BBC, ITV, Thomson Reuters, Associated Press and British Forces Broadcasting Service.

LumaFusion for Mobile Journalists: Glen Mulcahy

Glen Mulcahy is the founder and managing director of Mojofest Ltd. The former head of innovation in RTÉ (the Irish national public service broadcaster), he organized the first international conference on Mobile Journalism: RTÉ Mojocon in 2015. The event, now rebranded as Mojofest, has run for 5 years and has seen in excess of 180 speakers and 2500 delegates in attendance.

Glen also oversees and contributes to the spin-off Mojofest Facebook group, which has over 6700 members from 100+ countries. Glen has trained more than 7,000 journalists throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East, across television, radio, print and online in how to get professional quality content from their smartphone. He is passionate about transformation, innovation and technology and hosts weekly chats on Clubhouse as well as occasionally presenting, speaking at conferences and co-hosting a podcast with fellow Luma Touch trainer, Courtney Jones. 

LumaFusion for Mobile Filmmakers: Courtney G. Jones

Led by Filmmaker Courtney G. Jones, the purpose of this course is to build upon existing skills of traditional filmmakers, and add advanced mobile editing using LumaFusion into their bivvy of tools available to them. This course is designed to help filmmakers extend and evolve their workflow to include mobile production and post-production, enabling the creation of immersive and expressive stories with a smaller, faster, lighter footprint.

Courtney G. Jones is a Hollywood ex-pat currently living in the Pacific Northwest. For the past 30 years, he has worked on a variety of projects such as national commercials for Visa and American Idol, major music videos for Aaliyah, Anthrax and Busta Rhymes, feature films starring Ted Danson, Henry Winkler, Reno Wilson, Michelle Waterson and television series on MTV/VH1, HBO and UMC. Although Courtney has worked with every medium from celluloid to high-end digital cinema cameras, he enjoys pushing the mobile medium to its limits as a brand ambassador for Filmic and LumaTouch.

Registration, Pricing

The LumaFusion Certified Training Courses consist of a series of eight in-depth, tailored virtual workshops delivered live via Zoom conferencing over the course of eight days. While these courses are not a LumaTouch-developed service, the Company is providing a platform for the trainers to promote and deliver their respective curriculum.

Each eight-day course is priced at $850.00 USD. Corporate or large group discounts are also available. For more information on large group discounts, please contact [email protected].

To register for the LumaFusion for Mobile Journalist course, please visit:

To register for the LumaFusion for Social Media Content Creators course, please visit:

To register for the LumaFusion for Mobile Filmmakers course, please visit:


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