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Looking Glass Factory Releases HoloPlay Plugin for Unreal Engine 5

New integration brings unreal 3D holograms to UE 5 users

Today, Looking Glass Factory announced the release of HoloPlay Plugin for Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) from Epic Games. The integration will enable UE5 users to create photorealistic 3D holographic images and animations for the company’s line-up of holographic interfaces. Downloadable today from the company’s software page, Looking Glass Factory’s UE5 plugin is part of Looking Glass Factory’s continued effort to make it even simpler to design, experience, and share holograms.

“It’s important for folks to know that we’re not just developing hardware,” said Shawn Frayne, CEO of Looking Glass Factory. “We’re making an entire holographic platform, including a new lineup of holographic software to make it vastly easier to design and share the magic of holograms. Unreal Engine has long been one of the leaders in digital creation. With this plugin, everyone from 3D enthusiasts to professional users across industries will be able to bring next-generation content to the real world using all of the latest UE5 tools and effects.”

3D artists and animators create 3D images that are currently trapped on 2D screens and they rarely have the opportunity to visualize that content the way it was supposed to be viewed: in stunning, lifelike 3D. The Looking Glass-UE5 integration leverages Unreal Engine 5’s advanced rendering engine to support the creation of 3D interactive applications. Creators set up lights, cameras, and assets in UE5 and then seamlessly share hologram exports in a format that is compatible with all Looking Glass interfaces, past and present. The plugin will support advanced features newly available to creators in UE5, such as Nanite.

Get Started

The HoloPlay Plugin for UE5 is free for all Looking Glass display owners and is available today from the Looking Glass Software page. It currently runs on Windows© machines with dedicated GPUs.


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