Parent Trap color graded by Nick Hasson

Light Iron senior colorist Nick Hasson details the color workflow for Yes Day

Directed by Miguel Arteta and shot by Terry Stacey, ASC, the Netflix original feature Yes Day tells the story of a family of five — parents Allison and Carlos Torres (Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramírez, respectively), and their kids Katie (Jenna Ortega), Nando (Julian Lerner) and Ellie (Everly Carganilla) — who commit to a single day of saying “yes” to whatever ideas the kids concoct.

Light Iron provided dailies, final color and finishing services for the production. During prep, “Terry came in with some test footage and we decided on the look of the show, which we wanted to have a warm and soft color palette,” explains Light Iron senior colorist Nick Hasson. “We made LUTs in HDR and in SDR. We did not want the HDR to be distracting or too bright, so we kept things light and airy.

“The show finished shooting a few weeks before the Covid-19 shutdown, so when it came time for finishing, we were 100-percent remote,” Hasson adds. “Terry shoots beautifully, and we had set up the look already, so there was not a lot of guesswork in the DI. We knew the look of the dailies was the look of the final show.”


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