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LG Showcases What’s Possible for Broadcast Professionals with OLED Pro Monitors in Creative Studio at Los Angeles Business Innovation Center

LG Business Solutions is spotlighting premium technology for filmmakers, editors, broadcasters and more in its Creative Studio located at the new LG Los Angeles Business Innovation Center that opened earlier this year.

Industry professionals located in Hollywood can now experience a firsthand demonstration of LG’s series of UltraFine™ OLED Pro monitors – which takes Emmy® Award-winning LG OLED reference display technology to the next level and features advanced capabilities to meet the demanding needs of production studios and digital video.

Headlined by the 65-inch display (model 65EP5G), the LG OLED Pro line also includes two sets of feature-rich 31.5- and 26.5-inch class monitors. The 65-inch model features RGB pixels that produce high color accuracy*. The Hollywood Professional Association recently announced the first pairing of smaller monitors (models 32EP950 and 27EP950 respectively) as HPA Engineering Excellence Award winners, recognizing their outstanding technical and creative ingenuity in content production.

Rounding out the LG OLED Pro family are models 32BP95E and 27BP95E, which include the same color performance features as the 32EP950 and 27EP950, but in a more traditional design. Rather than built-in hardware calibration support, each model uses a self-calibration sensor and monitor hood for maintaining color accuracy.

All LG UltraFine OLED Pro monitors are the ideal choice to provide cutting-edge clarity, contrast and resolution for content creators. The OLED panels of all five models boast an impressive contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 so it can display content clearly and accurately.

All these aspects combine for a better working process, which is ideal for those seeking a more detailed and meticulous way of editing their next video or film. The series also offers versatile options for a variety of visual tech applications, with each model optimized for numerous creative workflows while assisting with reproducing the content creator’s visual intent.

Each monitor in the series features Emmy® Award-winning LG OLED reference display technology to produce a wide color gamut and stunning, color-rich, high-contrast content.  

In 2021, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences honored LG Electronics with the Emmy for “OLED Reference Monitors for Creative, Technical, Quality Control and Client Viewing.” The recognition reinforces how LG OLED is highly valued for it’s ability to meet the demanding needs of the world’s top production studios and renowned creators.

In addition to the OLED Pro Monitors on display, broadcast professionals can experience a wide array of display technologies for studios, offices and beyond, including an automatic door made of 55EW5G LG Transparent OLED displays; an LG CLOi GuideBot* robot to greet visitors; and a host of professional-grade monitors that streamline productivity – just to name a few.

Filmmakers, editors and producers are invited to stop by the Creative Studio and demonstrate the spectacular color results that are possible. Click here to sign up.

*The 65EP5G meets the color accuracy requirements of a grade 1 monitor per EBU Tech 3325 ver. 2.0 Section 2.6-Color Gamut and Color Reproduction.


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