Woman edits video on a computer with a Blackmagic Cloud Store device next to her

Latest Releases From Blackmagic Design Include Cloud Store 1.2 and 16 TB Cloud Store Mini

Blackmagic Design today released Cloud Store 1.2 which provides greater security by offering administrator controlled access to read, write and edit privileges through secure user logins. This update also includes better syncing to Dropbox, displaying a warning when files will exceed the Dropbox size limit, as well as improved sync speed to Google Drive accounts.

What’s new in Cloud Store 1.2

  • Add user authentication on Cloud Store and Cloud Store Mini.
  • Add support for Cloud Store Mini 16TB.
  • Display warning when syncing files exceeding Dropbox size limit.
  • Improve sync speed to Google Drive accounts containing many files.
  • Fix Cloud Store Mini utility issue following long idle periods.
  • Comply with SD card read-only status on Cloud Pod.
  • General performance and stability improvements for all models.

Cloud Store Minimum System Requirements for Mac OS

  • macOS 14.3 Sonoma or later.

Cloud Store Minimum System Requirements for Windows

  • Microsoft Windows 11.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit.

Blackmagic Design has also released a new 16TB model of the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini network storage solution. In addition to increased storage, it features a high speed 10G Ethernet connection and four internal M.2 flash memory cards operating in parallel RAID 0 for extremely fast file access. With Dropbox and Google Drive live sync, files can be distributed between multiple units globally, for very fast local file access, even on lower cost internet connections. Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini 16TB is available now for US$2,995 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.

The Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini is a fast network storage solution in a compact rack mount design. It’s fast, even with lots of simultaneous users all accessing files at the same time!

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