2022 Adobe Rising Stars of photography

Introducing the 2022-23 Adobe Rising Stars of photography

By definition, photographs are simply images made using a camera — but in practice, they’re windows into how we see and experience the world. Other people’s unique perspectives give us a better understanding of and appreciation for places we might never go, and communities we might never be a part of. From the way individual photographers angle a photo, to the subjects they choose to photograph in the first place, we can learn so much from others’ frame of mind.

Today, we’re proud to introduce 2022’s #AdobeRisingStars of photography, who are more than ready to meet the challenge. Exploring themes ranging from cultural expression to racial identity and natural phenomena, these photographers are playing a pivotal role in documenting this moment in our history from their own unique point of view. Their images reflect the hope, the taciturn, and the in-between of the better world that many are working to build.

We’re thrilled to give our Rising Stars a warm welcome to the Adobe community. Scroll down to learn more about their backgrounds and keep a close eye on the Lightroom Instagram over the next few months for more of their work.

Nadine Bauer — Madeira, Portugal

Nadine Bauer is a biologist from Germany and is currently based in Portugal. In March 2021, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Biology and decided to leave Germany to follow her dreams. During her studies and travels over the years, she became enthralled with the ocean and marine life, realizing the ocean is where she belongs. After she left Germany, she started her professional diving career in Mexico, where she also took an internship as a Scientific Dive Master, during which time she was able to raise awareness about how important marine life is for our planet. After five months in Mexico, she traveled across the US for three months before she based herself in Madeira, where she currently works as a photographer and scuba diving instructor.

Image credit: Nadine Bauer.

But she isn’t just in love with biology, she also loves art, which plays a big role in her life. As a creative mind both in front of and behind the camera, she’s found that she can explore the ocean through photography, too. You can find her on Instagram at @cinnadine.

Nadine Bauer

Tommy Bui — Saigon, Vietnam

Tommy Bui is a graphic design student in university and a freelance photographer based in Saigon, Vietnam. As someone who’s amazed by art of all kinds, he loves watching movies, listening to music, and playing piano. But photography holds a special place in his heart.

Image credit: Tommy Bui.

In the last few years, he found himself stunned by the way light interacts with its surroundings. He loves that, through photography, a person can tell a completely different story within the same scene, depending on the lighting and angle.

Tommy Bui

Bui started photography two years ago using only his iPhone 8 Plus. Ever since, he’s loved exploring how everything we see daily can be made more interesting through photographing it. He’s particularly fascinated by how just a singular moment captured as an image can deliver such a strong feeling, and he aims to emphasize a nostalgic vibe in all of his work. You can find him on Instagram at @tommybui.tb.

Julie Chandelier — Christchurch, New Zealand

Julie Chandelier is a passionate conservation and wildlife photographer based in New Zealand. She advocates for the ocean and the wider natural world by telling stories about the connection we have with the amazing natural world we live in.

Image credit: Julie Chandelier.

She’s spent the last few years raising awareness through her images, and her passion has led her to contribute to meaningful projects and to work with individuals and organizations that strive to improve our environment and the well-being of communities.

Chandelier has also been on multi-day expeditions, from documenting the whale research in the Subantarctic Islands to working as a guide in the polar regions or exploring the most remote parts of New Zealand. Her storytelling is at its best when she’s out in the elements.

Julie Chandelier

She is an avid ocean lover and aside from surfing and free diving, she spends countless hours sea-kayaking with her partner. She has always been fascinated by marine mammals and has been blessed with many encounters while on the water. She always dreamed of becoming a marine biologist, and now spends as much time as she can capturing marine life. You can find her on Instagram at @julie_chandelier.

Aaron Crawford — Georgia, United States

Aaron Crawford is an artist & creative director based in Atlanta, Georgia. Crawford is a visual storyteller who documents the often vibrant, fleeting moments that occur within the ever-changing city environment. He is increasingly drawn to documenting abstractions and mundane details within local urban landscapes, and how people may unintentionally interact with them.

Image credit: Aaron Crawford.

When he’s not at home watching scary movies with his wife and two dogs, he can often be found wandering the streets of Atlanta with a camera in hand. He is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director at one of the leading brands of officially licensed horror movie apparel, CAVITYCOLORS. You can find him on Instagram at @aaroncavity.

Aaron Crawford.

Javi Garcia — Canary Islands, Spain

Javi Garcia is an ocean photographer and filmmaker from Spain, and he’s been passionate about the wonders we can find in our oceans since he can remember.

Image credit: Javi Garcia.

He started his photography career as a hobby, while he was studying to complete his chemistry degree. After working for a while in the industry, his passion for photography and the ocean led him to make a life-changing decision — he quit his job and began his career as a professional photographer.

Javi Garcia

In his photography, Garcia always looks for unique perspectives, both in and out of the water. His purpose is always to share the beauty of nature with the rest of the world, so more and more people can be aware of how important it is that we take care of it. You can find him and his work on Instagram at @javigl.

Davis Gerber — Mexico

Davis Gerber is a travel photographer with a lifelong affinity for Western and cowboy culture. He was born and raised in San Diego, California and is a proud surfer. With a flip flop on one foot and cowboy boot on the other, he’s enjoying the best of both worlds living in mainland Mexico.

Image credit: Davis Gerber.

Chasing waves by morning and Charreadas (traditional Mexican rodeos) in the afternoons, his work blends grit with breathtaking landscapes and more, along with the authentic culture he finds throughout.

Davis Gerber

Gerber photography is an inspiring mashup of his commercial travel work mixed with everyday moments and snippets from his sporadic personal travels, which all showcase his raw yet romanticized view of the world around him. Find him on Instagram at @davisgerber.

Melissa Ifemwe — Vienna, Austria

Melissa Ifemwe is a photographer, recipe developer and tireless explorer of culture and food. Growing up she was exposed to two cultures, her Nigerian heritage and the Austrian culture of her home. From making apple strudel to cooking traditional Nigerian Jollof rice or maui maui, her culinary palette was strongly shaped by the influence of both sides.

Image credit: Melissa Ifemwe.

Photography is her way of sharing what she creates, a way of storytelling. Her images are an ode to Nigerian culture and an opportunity to create meaningful stories around cultural foods. You can find her on Instagram at @asweetpointofview.

Melissa Ifemwe

Jada Imani M — Maryland, United States

Jada Imani M is a photographer, filmmaker, and creative director from Prince George’s County Maryland. Born and raised in the DMV area, she uses her personal experiences and influences throughout her work. Colorful, distorted, creative, and recognizable are some of the ways people have described her images.

Image credit: Jada Imani M.

As a Black woman photographer, she aims to show people not only how she views the world, but how she wishes the world could be. Consistently inspired by her community, she pushes forward positive visuals of Black people in unique spaces in which they normally would not be seen. You can find her on Instagram at @jadaimanim.

Jada Imani M

Kreshonna Keane — New York, United States

Kreshonna Keane is a photographer and director based in New York City. The Caribbean-American visual storyteller began her photography journey using her work to portray juxtapositions between her subjects and the environment — meanwhile, addressing social stigmas, highlighting black culture and celebrating black life.

Image credit: Kreshonna Keane.

As a Bronx Native, Keane was honored to be included in the Bronx Museum of The Arts’ 50th Anniversary Gala Auction. She has exhibited with the Aperture Foundation, Syracuse University’s Museum, and in The New Black Vanguard presented by Les Rencontres d’Arles. Keane’s work now focuses on representing self-love, confidence, inclusivity and body positivity. She continues to push boundaries and start conversations around how the black body is viewed and celebrated. You can find her on Instagram at @visualsbyk.

Kreshonna Keane

Ebuka Mordi — Abuja, Nigeria

Ebuka Mordi collaborates with clients on various initiatives in unique settings, and is a skilled storyteller. His love for photography is evident in his evocative style, which has captivated the attention of many. Whether it’s capturing the spirit of a scene, creating a narrative, or shaping an inventive piece, he’s always ready to connect with his clients and create something incredible.

Image credit: Ebuka Mordi.

He lives by the slogan ‘let the art speak’ because he hopes to see his photography be a catalyst for human action. His work can be found on Instagram at @ebuka_mordi.

Ebuka Mordi


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