RE:Vision Effects REZup plugin

Introducing REZup – A New Way to Increase Image Quality

Available now and included in our Effections v2209 bundles

RE:Vision Effects, Inc., acclaimed effects plug-in industry leader and makers of Academy and Emmy Award winning software, is pleased to introduce REZup™.

REZup enhances the image quality (“IQ”) of your content and increases the resolution of your video without loss of detail or introducing artifacts. It provides a unique mix of state-of-the-art video image processing augmented with machine-learning techniques.

REZup contains two plug-ins, REZup Enhance and REZup Resize:

REZup Enhance: Guides you through needed steps to improve the image quality of your footage. Control and adjust the look, sharpness, detail, and contrast to your liking. Tone up or tone down the detail as you decide rather than leaving it to an algorithm.

REZup Resize: Adds zoom, ratio, and a reframing window for handling various upscaling scenarios. REZup Resize is trained and tested with 2X, 3X and 4X models.

Features in REZup that are uncommon for software using AI Deep Neural Networks (DNN) models include:* Supports fractional resizing factors* Supports semi-transparent material (alpha sensitive)* Supports extended dynamic range values* Intelligent interface that guides you to address different issues* Handles different scaling factor for X and Y dimension (will work directly on anamorphic video)

Pricing and availability:

Download a demo here and give it a try! 

Price is $169.95. The same activation license will work in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Foundry Nuke, Assimilate Scratch, Blackmagic Fusion and Resolve, FxHome Hitfilm,  Left-Angle Autograph, Inria Natron, Autodesk Flame and BorisFX Silhouette. Versions for Apple FCP and Motion also coming soon. Only REZup Enhance is currently fully supported in Magix Vegas Pro and Sony Catalyst, Filmlight Baselight and HS-Art Diamant. Baselight and Diamant upcoming new version will be needed for resizing. Stay informed at

REZup is now part of our latest Effections bundles (EFXN 2209) and is automatically included in Effections licenses ordered since September 2021. Upgrades to EFXN 2209 are also now available.

Floating licenses, volume discounts and render-only licenses are also available. Contact or visit for details.


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