Animated Characters in Element

How to Import Animated Characters into Video Copilot Element

This tutorial shows you how to animate characters in the Video Copilot plugin for Adobe After Effects.

VC Element is a great way to easily animate 3D objects inside After Effects and while it can import C4D files, this imported animation is limited to position, scale and rotation. To get animated characters in Element, you have to import an OBJ sequence – separate files for each frame of animation. If you have full Cinema4D Studio, you cannot export directly, but you can use a script (links below). C4D Lite does not have character animation. If you’re using Blender, then it is a lot easier.

This video takes you through all the steps involved in exporting from C4D using a script, then importing the OBJ sequence into Element. Finally, I show how to export 3D characters from Mixamo, import these animations into Blender, then export for Element.

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Links mentioned:Original T-Rex (C4D r11):
Owen Lim Script:
Rowbyte’s exporter:

T-Rex OBJ Sequences (1.2 Gb):


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