Hitomi Matchbox Analyser interface

Hitomi demonstrates gold standard for lip-sync and latency at NAB 2024

Hitomi Broadcast, market leader in audio/video alignment and latency tools, will be demonstrating live at NAB 2024 (booth SL5080, Las Vegas Convention Center, 14 – 17 April). Visitors will see just how simple it is to solve latency and lip-sync challenges with Hitomi’s proven solution, widely recognised as the gold standard in the market.

With television coverage of live events like sports becoming ever more rich, and the growing move into remote production for even the largest coverage, the need to find a simple, reliable and extremely accurate way to measure differential latencies between multiple video and audio sources is vital. Matching lip-sync by eye is always challenging, especially when the audio leads the video, which is impossible in real life and so particularly difficult for the human mind to compute.

Hitomi has the simplest, most precise and most widely used solution: MatchBox. With the MatchBox Glass app, a camera assistant simply holds an iPhone in front of the camera lens and the audio and video test patterns pass through the complete chain, to be measured and aligned at the final control point. The whole process takes seconds.

“While productions are getting more complex, the basics do not go away,” said Russell Johnson, Director at Hitomi. “Lip-sync errors are hugely distracting to the audience, and when you have a lot of sources then there is a lot to align. We are continuing to enhance our products to make it even easier to achieve minimum latency and precise sound/vision alignment, even as the channel count goes up.

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“That is why we are working on a software alternative to our proven hardware analyser,” Johnson explained. “It gives users a simple ability to scale. If you have 64 channels to align you are not going to use 64 hardware analysers, but they could all be monitored in software.”

Visit Hitomi at NAB 2024 on booth SL5080, part of the UK Pavilion in the Lower South Hall.

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