man stands in front of an LED wall that features a historic Boston scene at night in a virtual production studio

Global Objects Relies on URSA Mini Pro 12K for Rob Lowe Virtual Production Project

Blackmagic Design today announced that Global Objects, a production studio utilizing the latest 3D capture technology to create digital twins of the real world, is using Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K digital film cameras for its virtual production workflow. For the recent FOX Nation docuseries “Liberty or Death: Boston Tea Party,” Global Objects capitalized on the camera’s 12K resolution to capture exceptionally detailed and high quality images.

“Global Objects received an inquiry from a FOX executive wondering if virtual production could address some logistical challenges for a project,” explained Jess Loren, CEO, Global Objects. “The task was to transport Rob Lowe to the charming and historically significant Mystic Seaport but without leaving Los Angeles.”

Eager to demonstrate the pinnacle of its virtual production capabilities, the Global Objects team collaborated with Stephen David Entertainment, traveling to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut for detailed image capture and Lidar scans, which included 12K plate footage completed with the URSA Mini Pro 12K.

“The URSA Mini Pro 12K was pivotal because its ultra high resolution allowed us to shoot plates in 12K with the flexibility to reframe and adjust content directly on set without losing any detail,” said Loren. “For a project like ours, where precise and high quality imagery was crucial, this capability was invaluable.”

This on set flexibility also translated to post production. “The 12K resolution also meant that we could shoot the plates wider than normal, so we could punch in on specific areas of the footage and still maintain crisp, high quality detail, providing us with more options in post production,” added Loren. “This flexibility was essential for fine tuning the final visual output to match our exact creative vision.”

“The high resolution and flexibility in reframing ensured that the final digital environments were not only visually stunning but also rich in detail. This enhanced the overall immersive experience, making the virtual environment more believable and engaging for the audience,” she continued.

In addition to the digital replication of Mystic Seaport, Global Objects was tasked with managing the entire workflow during the shoot in Los Angeles. “Overall, our responsibilities were twofold: to capture and ensure that every detail of Mystic Seaport’s unique historical setting was accurately replicated in a digital twin format; and to manage the entire production and virtual production workflow during the shoot with Rob Lowe, which included implementing the scanned content by creating a 3D level in Unreal Engine for filming on the LED wall,” said Loren.

During the live production phase in Los Angeles, Global Objects employed an ATEM SDI Pro ISO live production switcher, which played a key role in managing the live cut of the multicam shoot, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. A Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K digital film camera was also used to capture behind the scenes footage, and DaVinci Resolve Studio was used to edit and color grade the project’s promo reel.

“On set, the ATEM switchers are indispensable for recording and monitoring the footage being shot. They also facilitate the quick provision of proxies to the editorial team, streamlining the production process significantly,” noted Loren.

“Any time you get to work with a star like Rob Lowe is fun and always a highlight. What made it particularly memorable and enjoyable was the fact that it was Rob Lowe’s first encounter with virtual production,” she concluded. “Introducing someone of his stature and experience in the film industry to the innovative world of virtual production was not just a highlight for us, but a moment of pride as well. It underscored the impact and potential of virtual production in revolutionizing traditional filmmaking, and to be at the forefront of this transformation was a remarkable experience.”

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