Peregrine Labs Bokeh tool

Foundry acquires the rights to Peregrine Labs’ Bokeh tool for Nuke

Foundry, the leading developer of creative software for the Media and Entertainment industries, today announces the rights to Peregrine Labs’ Bokeh tool to become part of the Foundry family. Foundry is very excited to make this popular tool available for all artists using Nuke. The Bokeh tool will be integrated within upcoming releases of the Nuke family including Nuke Indie and Non-commercial, at no additional cost.

Bokeh is the only commercially available tool for defocus of deep data and has become an essential tool for artists using deep compositing in Nuke. Additionally, Bokeh offers the ability to simulate the attributes of real-world lenses, enabling artists to achieve highly cinematic depth of field effects. While Bokeh will initially be integrated into Nuke with the current functionality, Foundry plans to further develop Bokeh to improve performance and extend the functionality in the future. Read more about Bokeh and Nuke here.

Bokeh will be integrated within the upcoming Nuke 14 series and Nuke 13.2 releases and will be available in Nuke, NukeX, Nuke Studio, Nuke Indie and Nuke Non-commercial to all customers with active licenses from early 2023. Read more about this here.

In order to support customers using older versions of Nuke, Peregrine Labs will be offering customers with a current, or recently expired, Bokeh license a one-time free extension until December 31, 2023. Others are eligible to purchase a one-time discounted site license extension valid until December 31, 2023. See the Peregrine Labs website for full details. 

“All of us at Peregrine are excited that Bokeh has found a new home at Foundry and their world class team, making the product more accessible than ever within the Nuke ecosystem,” Colin Doncaster, Founder Of Peregrine Labs, shares with us.

Christy Anzelmo, Chief Product Officer, Foundry comments:

“I am thrilled that the Peregrine Labs Bokeh toolset will be joining the Nuke family. Thanks to the ingenuity and ongoing support from Colin and the team, Bokeh has been a leader in deep defocus algorithms for over a decade. Having this powerful tool integrated within Nuke enhances the native deep compositing toolset without customers needing to maintain a separate license.”


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