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  • Zoom audio distortion

  • Scott Rucci

    May 7, 2021 at 7:04 pm

    I have a maddening issue and support gave up on it. On long zoom webinars (and on skype), certain combinations of equipment produce audio distortion after around 35 minutes, which continuously gets worse until it’s unusable. Toggling the zoom camera off and on instantly fixes it. Here are samples … distortion

    I am feeding various cameras, audio mixers, and computers into an ATEM production studio 4k switcher. Input sources do not affect the problem.

    It only happens when the ATEM is combined with an Ultra Studio mini as detailed at the bottom.

    Has anyone ever experienced this, have any suggestions or any combo of gear that I can use with SDI to avoid this issue?

    ************** Detailed test results:

    If I run the SDI output of the ATEM with embedded audio into an UltraStudio HD mini or Ultrastudio 4K mini, then into zoom or skype I get the problem.

    If I run SDI from ATEM to Ultrastudio but run audio directly into Ultrastudio via analogue jacks I still get the problem.

    If I run the HDMI output of the ATEM into a Camlink 4K 20GAM9901 or from SDI ATEM out through a Decimator MD-HX to convert to HDMI and then into the Camlink, I do not get the problem.

    If I run the camera SDI out directly into the UltraStudio HD mini, I do not get the problem.

    I have not had the chance to test Teams or Google, nor a different ATEM.

    I have played with the zoom audio controls, clicked on “original audio.”

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