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  • Yo, Tim Jones: Q about ArGest Backup

  • Jim Curtis

    April 5, 2021 at 6:53 pm

    I looked on the OWC site for support, and found no link, so I thought I could contact you here. Because ArGest presented complications to me on my MacPro7,1, I opted to create an archiving station on a MacPro5,1 running BRU PE 3.x on High Sierra and use a 10 GbE card.

    The Tolis site, under System Requirements states, “macOS 10.11 or newer your system is powerful enough to run ArGest® Backup software.” High Sierra is 10.13, so I infer it’s compatible with the OS, but I’m wondering about whether my “system is powerful enough to run ArGest® Backup software.”

    I realize I could clone my SSD boot drive, install ArGest and wipe out BRU PE, and then restore back if it doesn’t work well enough. But, do you have an idea whether my 12 x 3.46 GHz core Mac with 128 GB RAM is “powerful enough?” That was the top of the line when that model (the 5,1) was discontinued. I was hoping to avoid the old switcheroo, if ArGest doesn’t cut it.

    You said in another thread here that the ArGest Import Tool is working for everybody but me. That was my hangup on my MacPro7,1. If you can provide some insight, I’d find it very helpful. Thank you.

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