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  • Yikes, New Cowshed! Exploring . . .

  • Graham Bernard

    September 9, 2020 at 1:24 am

    Moooo… Tim!

    I can’t ADD a Photo unless I make a Post and then come back and EDIT it. Maybe this was a one-off issue.

    Also, may we have back Coloured already Read Threads? Yes, there is the Notifications Route, sure, but having Read stuff front and centre would make my Ancient Eyes target those Threads I’d want, please.

    Regards – Keep up the good work,

    Grazie – Grazing in the Pasture Sunglasses

  • Tim Wilson

    September 9, 2020 at 6:50 am

    Hi Graham,

    Two ways to add photos for now. One is to upload as an attachment, using the camera icon between the Style palette and the Smilies icon.

    I’ll note that I’m not nuts about this method, but it is in fact the standard these days. Facebook does it like this, for example.

    The other is to right click on an image on the web to copy, and paste into your post. I add images to almost all of my posts, and I tested the heck out of both of these.

    The third common method, grabbing part of the screen with Windows Snipping Tool or Mac command shift 3 (or 4?) and pasting from your clipboard isn’t enabled yet, but coming soon!

    My workaround for embedding screen snips for now is to save them, upload to the free hosting site imgur, then use the right click copy paste method to load it into the middle of a post, rather than leaving attached at the end. Not ideal, but definitely works.

    Let me know when you try these, and let’s troubleshoot if something goes wrong. This is a feature set I care about a LOT.

    Also, I’ll look into a way of making thread as read. I agree, very helpful!



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