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  • Xtreme motion jitter in HD

  • Alisa Placas

    April 18, 2005 at 11:57 am

    Unfortunately, my extreme amounts of motion jitter in my HD image and maps moves was not due to a fielding issue.
    The jitter is still there and I am having very little success in getting rid of it on some of my comps.

    I’ve shortened the length (speed) of the move wherever possible, I’ve tried different amounts of shutter angle in the motion blur, I’ve tried adding directional blurs to the moves, and I’ve tried adding a bit of a rotational change on moves that are long and straight.

    It seems to boil down to…..moving an image left to right in 1 sec in an SD comp, creates a move that is traveling at 720 pixels/sec. Do the same for an HD comp, and your move is traveling at 1920 pixels/sec. So every ‘normal move’ that I am used to creating for SD is actually over 2.5x faster in HD and this high speed is causing my motion jitter.

    There has to be some way around this.
    There’s got to be a lot of other people out there using After Effects for HD work…….how are you guys getting around this issue?
    It is rather too late in the game for me to tell my clients that they should have gone with an animation stand!!!

    Any help is desperately appreciated.


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