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  • XDcam codecs, h.264 HD deliverables

  • Jon Doughtie

    August 2, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Our AE editor is running After Effects CS6 on a WIN7 64-bit rig. Producing for broadcast. I did do searches prior to this posting, but looks like I missed info that I bet is already on here somewhere!

    Until our new Adobe HD-capable systems come in, we’re running a few HD promos through him for finishing to air.

    I asked one of our engineers for recommended Media Encoder setting for deliverables to our hub. Here’s his response:

    “We will just have to experiment. Now, for h.264, we try to target around 20mbps, and a 30 frame GOP (or the setting may say I frame, or anchor frame, I am not sure).
    Audio should always still be stereo, 48khz sampling 16 or 24 bit PCM.
    Can your version make a self-contained .mov, with XDCAM codec? That, at 25mbps or 35mbps, will encode the fastest and transcode at the hub to the best quality.”

    So it looks like I will need the XDcam codec to meet his suggested workflow. Any tips on acquiring those codecs, and setting up a preset, would be helpful.

    Our workflow will be to render an uncompressed intermediate from AE CS6, then hand those to AME for final h.264 renders as delverables.

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