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  • Wireframe

  • Gloria August

    August 12, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    To create wireframe images: Create an image in Photoshop. Make it into a 3D object. Go to 3D on Window Panel (still in Photoshop). In “render settings”, select wireframe. The you can flatten the wireframe and save it (it won’t hurt anything). ( I prefer this rather than to go ‘backgroundless’ into After Effects –in this case only–it’s just easier to manipulate things in After Effects this way). Import into After Effects. In After Effects, add a background of your choice in a new composition. Place your 3D image from Photoshop above the new background layer. Turn your Photoshop into one of the 3D’s such as “Perspectives” – I chose “cylinder”. Then key out the old background. Use DigiEffects to create the wireframe in the image you want (I needed to create a missile). Then create your 3D layer and animate as you wish although the “x” effect gives a nice rotating tunnel effect. Once you have created an animation you like, render it. I was able to get math equations to rotate into the missile. The effect was precisely the effect of a sophisticated wireframe program. I had just today to create this wireframe. This worked. I struggled with rendering my original objects as an exported wireframe and it only rendered it as a 2D. Good luck.

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