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  • Why does Quicktime Reference not work with MPEG IMX?

    Posted by Francois Stark on January 15, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    I work with a MPEG IMX30 PAL timeline and clips.

    I have a timeline with no video effects. I can see the timeline indicates that there are no effects and nothing needs to be rendered. Tested the same in FCP 5 and FCP 6.

    When I export a quicktime move, self contained or not, it takes the same time and ends up the same size. It also seems to render the video file because it only runs about 2X realtime. Any idea why?

    When I do the same on a DV timeline, A quicktime reference movie export only exports the audio, and refers video to the original source video files. Much faster and smaller way to get the the timeline into compressor.

    Even self-contained QT DV PAL exports run 4 to 5 times faster than realtime – almost like it only copies die video over as opposed to rendering the video into the output format.

    When I capture from betacam into the MPEG IMX codec, the timeline reference exports work right – much faster and smaller. But when I import MPEG IMX clips using Sony’s PDW-1 XDCAM software from XDCAM disks, the quicktime clips exhibit the strange reference quicktime issue. WHY? It’s the same codec inside quicktime, created on the same machine by two different programs – FCP and Sony XDCAM!


    Francois Stark replied 15 years, 10 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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