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  • What MP4 bitrates for general best practice/usage

    Posted by Ethelyn Dietrich on November 8, 2023 at 1:07 am

    I’m hoping to find kindof a ‘set and forget’ bitrate for MP4 general usage, which will never really be too low neither too high. This refers to ‘any’ MP4 usage.

    With too low bitrates, I’m especially experiencing gradients (like underwater footage) to turn out blocky and stripish. With too high bitrates, I’m experiencing unnecessarily large file sizes, which – when being streamed – requires unnecessarily high transfer speeds as well.

    I tend to stick to HD1080p, HD720p and SD480p, so that’s the resolutions I’m asking for here.

    For bitrate references, I checked out Youtube’s recommendations for uploading (link below), which are ..

    HD1080p (1920×1080): 10000 kbps, vbr with no bitrate limiter

    HD720p (1280×720): 8000 kbps, vbr with no bitrate limiter

    SD480p (854×480): 4400 kbps, vbr with no bitrate limiter

    Trying these out, using FFMPEG, Premiere Pro and TMPGenc Video Mastering, these bitrates renders to what seems like unnecessarily large filesizes. I can barely tell any reductive qualities even at half Youtube’s recommendations. Perhaps Youtube’s recommendations are for uploading only(?)

    What would you consider good general usage bitrates for MP4, and what do you use yourself?
    How did you come by what you use or recommend?
    Are there other good practice recommendations than Youtube’s, like unions or organisation recommendations regarding bitrates?

    Also, thinking of Youtube recommending only VBR, wouldn’t CBR be a better and more reliable streaming outlet than VBR? since CBR requires the same bitrate all the time, and VBR constantly varies?

    Thank you for any opinions/suggestions.

    * =

    Ethelyn Dietrich replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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