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  • VTR Exchange PAL problems

  • Francois Stark

    June 22, 2009 at 1:56 pm


    I have a need to record a studio’s live multicam cut to disk. Large drama production – I need rock solid stability. HD or SD. Direct to Compressed formats: DV; DVCPRO50 or DVCPRO HD, Apple Prores and Prores (HQ).

    After a dismal experience with Virtual VTR, I decided to try AJA’s VTR Exchange. In my testing it seems a lot more stable and easier to use. Easy to change recrded clip names, solid. Has not dropped one frame or crashed once. Great.

    I love the way that VTR Exchange opens up the newest clip in a player straight after recording. Exactly what I need for in-studio use. But it must play back the clips with correct field order. It doesn’t always.

    Different codecs act differently. In the PAL world, DV is lower field first (LFF), while practically all other codecs are Upper first (UFF).

    I have tried these codecs in SD – all recorded field order right, but in the VTR Exchange app, it plays back wrong:
    DV PAL – LFF – Plays back right
    Prores – UFF – Plays back wrong
    DVCPRO50 – UFF – plays back right
    Uncompressed 8bit – UFF – plays back wrong

    So- all codecs recorded right. I just added them all to FCP timelines with the same codecs and all the field orders were right. AJA TV also plays back all these codecs with the right field orders. No Problems.
    AJA VTR Exchange not. Playback inside VTR Exchange is a problem. Is there a way to fix this inside the app, or will I have to use another app to play back?


  • Jeremy Garchow

    June 22, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Looks like you’d have to use AJA TV. Good catch and I would let AJA support know.


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