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Forums Adobe Premiere Pro Voice-Over recording issues (not an echo problem)

  • Voice-Over recording issues (not an echo problem)

  • Deacon O’Connor

    June 6, 2022 at 10:28 pm

    Hello I’m new here, but careful not to waste people’s time so I did a voice-over search prior to posting and I was unable to find anything under 10yrs old within the first 15 pages of searches that had anything to do with what I’m facing.


    I’m running a Mac min with Monterey 12.2.1 and using Adobe Premier Pro


    When I try to do voice over within APP I do what multiple youtube tutorials have laid out.

    1. Day one of trouble shooting: I open the Audio Track mixer, and I set my cursor where I want to VO to begin in my sequence. I click the “R” to enable recording on the Audio 3 track where I want my VO to go. The R never lights up red like each tutorial says. I tried switching through a usb mic, a mic through my audio jack and a bluetooth headset. None allowed me to get the track set to recording. When I try to record a VO, I get my 3 second countdown and then the program behaves like it is recording, but I have no levels. When I stop the recording, I have a green file in my sequence as if it recorded the entire time, but absolutely no audio.

    2. Day two of trouble shooting: I used my Zoom hand-held recorder as a mic through the audio jack. APP says I can use a zoom as a mic and I’ve done it before with my current system setup. The “R” now lights up red when I click it in the Audio Track Mixer or on the A3 of the Sequence. After that, everything that happened in day 1 is still happening.

    3. Day three I had a professional animator who uses APP to take a look while I was on Google Meet sharing my screen. They have audio editing skills (but do not use the VO feature) and they played around for a half hour and could not figure out why I had no levels at all.

    4. Signed in today to get images for you and after unplugging the zoom I got an alert for my audio configuration. the only thing I changed was unplugging the zoom and reattaching my external speaker.

    Any suggestions? Every tutorial I find addresses getting rid of the system echo that sometimes occurs when people try to do a direct VO. They also show you how to enable recording on a track (R button). That’s it. My mics are being recognized by APP in the drop down menus.

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