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  • Video I/O hardware box recommendations?

  • Chris Ratledge

    September 4, 2010 at 3:25 pm


    I need to pick up a new piece of I/O hardware, and Kona3 is beyond my budget. Curious for feedback concerning the following items among the throngs here. All are PCI-card based breakout boxes that I’ll be using with my MacPro, but could also use with MBP with Expresscard Adapter. Additional interest in use as on-set video assist playback I/O. (Currently only the AJA IOexpress is supported by Qtake, which I may look into in the future)

    1) MOTU HDX-SDI. I like the price point of this unit but it’s kind of an unknown to me. Curious if anyone has experience with it. Has more I/O options than the AJA unit

    2) AJA Io Express. Only has SDI input, no analog video input, but is currently supported by Qtake software.

    3) Blackmagic Design Multibridge Pro 2. Seems really robust and powerful, with x4 PCI host card instead of single-lane alternatives in this list.

    4) Matrox MXO2 LE with MAX. I REALLY like the capability of MAX technology to help with speedy h.264 encodes of footage for web/iPod/etc. dailies. I’ve read the review here on the COW, but wonder how it compares to the Elgato Turbo 264 HD USB stick for hardware-accelerated transcodes?

    Primarily working with RED ONE footage on set, what have been your experiences, pros and cons, horror stories, etc with these items if applicable? What has your experience been with codec compatibility, as I’ve had trouble finding concrete info on supported codecs and formats, esp. for BMD’s stuff.

    I appreciate everyone’s input, thanks.

    (I plan to post this in several spots to try to get as much info as possible, I need to make this purchase ASAP, also on, limited responses there.)

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