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  • V17 Interlace Processing change help

  • Tyler Granlund

    May 11, 2021 at 8:32 pm

    We have recently upgraded to V17. After finishing hundreds of episodes in the same manner Im running into a change that is becoming problematic. Ive compiled a few screengrabs together at the bottom to make more sense where I’m getting lost.

    Im assuming this is user error on my end, but if someone could point out what I’m missing I’d appreciate it.

    My show is 29.97 FPS (DF) 59.94i cut in Media composer using those settings. In all previous versions of resolve, the project settings has been a timeline frame rate of 29.97, use drop frame TC, Enable video field processing.

    In V17, when I select Enable Field Processing, the Frame rate auto switches to 59.94 Fields per second, as well as the playback frame rate. Not an issue, as that’s where we’ve been before, just assumed it was a change in the way it’s displaying that info.

    When I go to import my media composer AAF 29.97 FPS 1080i 59.94 timeline in, is where the trouble starts.

    On the AAF import window, if I select Enable field processing as usual, the format switches to 59.94 fields per second and takes away the option to select drop frame tc. The box is deselected and no longer available. If i import in this setting, my timings are off as we’re no longer in DF.

    If I do not select Enable field processing, I can keep DF and my timings are correct, and i can enable field processing on the deliver page and get interlace footage back out. Which seems fine. But it isnt.

    Now to keep my timings, Im forced to work in progressive, and my blurs and resizes (show has a ton) upon render, are not applied to the final field of a shot. For example if a face is blurred in progressive timeline, and rendered back to interlaced, when played 59.94i you can see the single field of unblurred face.

    So what am I missing here? How do I setup and import a 1080i 29.97 Frames per second Drop frame timeline that works in interlaced video as every other version of resolve has allowed?

  • David Baud

    May 13, 2021 at 12:36 am

    To me different frame rates in the same project and interlaced footage has never been Resolve strong point. With v17 I believe they made some improvement from previous versions (i.e support timelines with different frame rates in the same project and better de-interlacing support) but I believe they are still some issues… and maybe you are running into them.

    Which steps are you taking to import your timeline from AVID into Resolve? what are your footage file format?

    One things I would try is to setup your Resolve settings at the project level first (Project settings > Master settings) instead of the the particular timeline settings, and see if that helps. I would then import all your footage first in Resolve Media page and then import your timeline AAF file.

    Regarding the notation for interlaced footage or progressive, I believe the software is confused!😉 Interlaced footage notation is indicated by adding the “i” after the resolution and before the frame rate (ie 1080i59.94) except SMPTE and EBU standardization disagreed on how to do it: SMPTE likes to indicate the frame rate as # of fields (29.97fps x 2 = 59.94) whereas EBU prefers to use the full frame rate (29.97fps). Therefore an interlaced video at 29.97fps will be shown as:

    SMPTE = 1080i59.94

    EBU = 1080i29.97

    I am not completely sure which notation standard is Resolve using, especially when the software field dissociate interlace from the frame rate… maybe someone knows?

  • Tyler Granlund

    May 13, 2021 at 7:39 pm

    There is no different frame rates.

    All of the media is 29.97 1080i Drop frame

    I am starting at the Project setting level, the settings are all correct, all media is brought in prior to AAF with no issue. Media all matches the project settings. If I create a timeline myself I can have the appropriate and correct settings. Its the importing AAF step where the software has a new issue, I have finished over 500 episodes of this show using the same workflow and this issue is new to V17.

    At the import AAF level the timeline settings are now impossible to set correctly. Blackmagic support is drawing a blank. If they dont have a fix by Friday Ill revert to 16 which is going to be a nightmare as the DB and server must be brought backwards and Ill have episodes stuck in no mans land,

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