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  • Using Compressor for Web video.

  • Josh Jones

    November 24, 2009 at 12:45 am

    I am working on compressing a video to the following specs. I have noticed that when other editors have compressed videos at similar lengths and the same specs they have better results. My final output is too pixelated…


    Hard ware:
    Mac Pro
    Processor: 2×2 Dual Core
    Mem: 2GB 667 MHz DDR2

    Exporting a Self Contained Quicktime from FCP6. I bring it into compressor and apply the following settings.

    Compression: H.264
    Frame Rate:29.97
    Key Frames every 300frames
    Quality: Medium
    Encoding: Best quality (Multi-Pass)
    Data Rate: Restrict to 800Kbps
    Optimized for Download

    Sound Settings:
    Rate: 44.100
    Render Settings: Best
    Target Bit Rate: 160kbps

    Note: I am changing the height and Width to 854×480. The original video is A self Contained .mov in 16×9.

  • Craig Seeman

    November 24, 2009 at 1:04 am

    Are the other editors using the same frame size? Smaller frames at same data rate will tend to look better.

    Are other editors using Compressor? Both Squeeze and Episode generally will produce better results at the same specs as Compressor?

    How does the motion of your content compare to those of the other editors? Faster motion may need higher data. If they’re doing talking head interviews and you’re doing action sports with heavy motion graphics you may need a higher data rate.

    Are the other editors using the same source codec? Source codec and source video is going to be a big factor in quality. DV is not going to look as good as 8 bit Uncompressed from a high resolution source.

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