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  • Upcoming multi-city corporate-testimonial shoot

  • matthew rivlin

    October 15, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    If this is in the wrong location, please advise where my request would be best served. I’m not currently looking for individuals to shoot yet, but may down the road in the jobs forum.

    I’ve been tasked with budgeting and eventually arranging for a shoot across the US.

    The Logistics: About 10-15 markets (i.e., NYC including: Newark, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Connecticut; Central FL including: Tampa, Orlando, Fort Meyers). 2-4 days in a central location for each market. 8-hour days. The talent and their representatives would be responsible for arriving at the shooting location when needed.

    The Shoot: Single camera HD shoot in one location. Basic 3 point lighting for a single person testimonial video. Nothing too fancy, but needs to look and sound professional. (i.e., somewhere between an iPhone with mic plugged in and a RED cam). No editing necessary. Natural backgrounds, no set needed.

    What I need to decide is whether is it cheaper for me to haul my gear from city to city and shoot myself or higher freelancers in each location and hope for the best. I know what I will get with myself behind the camera, but I’m thinking there may be cities that are cheaper if I hire locally.

    The Question: Are there any resources around for finding the going day rate for freelance shooters from city to city? If anyone is willing to help with specific market advice (knowledge, not shooting) I would greatly appreciate it.


  • Nick Griffin

    October 19, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    Call Crews Control at 800-545-2739 and ask about their prices for these markets. In the scenario you are describing that will almost always be a two man job: cameraman and sound guy who also helps out with light grip duties.

    Problem is, that’s really only the start. Then, far more likely than not, you will need a producer there to control and direct the process, quite possibly to feed the interviewee the questions and shape the answers. I don’t believe, for the most part, that you can expect that from a cameraman. That’s not what they are there for and not what they’re being paid for.

    Because I function as my own producer (almost all of the time), I might as well also be there to do the camera work. At least that’s the way the math works for me.

    Hope this of some help and somewhat surprised that your post hasn’t attracted more attention. Perhaps this is best asked on the Business & Marketing COW, but you will have to re-word it as the COW lately has been preventing duplicate posts to different forums.

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