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  • Unable to change frame rate in Media Manager

  • Bill Stephan

    July 2, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    We had an on-line conforming job come in with the workflow as follows:

    Shoot on Panasonic Varicam to DVCProHD tape (720/59.94P flagged for 24P in metadata). Project was off-line edited in DV NTSC at another edit house. We got Final Cut Pro sequence to be on-line edited in HD at 720/23.98P with final output to be uncompressed Quicktime movie. Here’s the problem — in FCP media manager, I tried to “create offline”, making a new sequence using Aja DVCProHD 23.98 Varicam easy setup, which would drop unneeded frames upon capture. FCP said “unable to change frame rate”. How to get to a 24-frame sequence for output?

    I thought of trying to conform it as a 720/59.94 sequence, running the Panasonic frame rate converter on all the footage. But wouldn’t that put 3:2 pulldown on everything. The customer wouldn’t allow use of a 59.94P sequence — final product is for film out.

    How would all of you FCP gurus handle a project such as this? Am I missing something stupid, or is there a real hole in this workflow?

    Thanks in advance for your comments. We have FCP 5.1 + Aja Kona 2.

    Bill Stephan
    Senior Editor/DVD Author
    USA Studios
    New York City

  • Shane Ross

    July 2, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    Export an EDL from the DV timeline. Use Cinema Tools to convert it from 30 to 24 (EXPORT is the menu option I believe). Import that EDL into FCP…it should be a 23.98 timeline then.


    Other options? For the NEXT time you do this:

    1) Don’t downconvert to DV. Drives are cheap and DVCPRO HD 720p23.98 really isn’t that demanding. A little over 2 times the space needed for that…which is nothing.

    2) After capturing the DV footage, remove the pulldown so that you are editing at 23.98 and your timeline remains at 23.98.


    Littlefrog Post

  • Bill Stephan

    July 3, 2007 at 3:04 pm

    Thanks for the info, Shane. As all of us here are still new to FCP, I haven’t yet explored Cinema Tools. But now is the time to learn especially since I still have the project on my machine.

    I agree with you about not off-line editing on DV, but that’s the hand that was dealt to us. That’s why I am concentrating much of my current FCP research on how to solve the problems that arise.

    Thanks again for the great information.

    Bill Stephan
    Senior Editor/DVD Author
    USA Studios
    New York City

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