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  • Greg Ball

    July 5, 2007 at 7:35 pm

    I just completed an ad spot for a local client. I edited it as an 8 bit uncompressed file and distributed it to them on Beta SP tape. Now they are asking for this:

    We require a 10-bit, uncompressed QuickTime .MOV format (720 x 486)
    that includes all of the following information and sequencingAcceptable video and audio quality:
    * Average digital audio levels must range between -17dBfs and -20dBfs (Analog:
    0dB @ +4 dBm ref).
    * Digital audio levels should peak between -10dBfs and -12dBfs (Analog: no
    higher than +3), with a maximum of three peaks per second.
    * Setup level should equal 7.5 IRE.
    * Luminance levels should not exceed 100 IRE.
    * Chroma levels should not exceed 120 IRE.

    My question is since I’ve already edited the spot, how can I make this into a 10 bit
    uncompressed quicktime, and how can I make sure it meets these specs on my FCP system with no Waveform monitor or vectorscope.? Thanks.

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