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Forums Adobe After Effects trapcode particular/form with imported 3ds max camera

  • trapcode particular/form with imported 3ds max camera

  • Simon Gregory

    April 15, 2020 at 11:38 am

    Hi folks hope someone might be able to help. ive exported a scene from 3DS max to after effects in order to apply trapcode form and particular to the geometry. im having issues with the camera setup. with trapcode form it took a while to get it working but eventually a combination of changing to emitter size to a lower number, turning off normalize and turning on invert Z fixed the issue and it works quite well. however some of the geometry i need to apply particular to not form.
    with the same setup excluding the emitter size which seems to have no effect in particular in this case, the effect seems to be interpreting the camera incorrectly. one layer has form the other layer has particular, both are emitting from the same OBJ, both have as similar as possible settings with the emitter setup but it looks like the particlar layer is interpreting the camera incorrectly. must be something im not doing. any help much appreciated

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